Wednesday, December 31, 2008

how i spend the new year

31/12/2008,back from work around 6pm,damn tired and sleepy,so decided to crash for a while,only to wake up at 12.15 a.m,got tons of missed call and mesemes asking of my up mr president koopang,and we hangout at a mamak restaurant in Ampang..koopang showing me the latest november issue of "Doriten"(yeah we cant read japanese but atleast we can looked at the picture and understand the number/figure/code written hahaha)finally in this issue got a few reviews and picture of JZX81 aside from 90 and 100..will asked koopang scanned the page a.s.a.p

Doriten and limau ais hehe

i would like to wish all a happy new year,may 2009 be better than 2008..thanks for ur friendship and support for me through all this time..i really appreciated it....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 1Jz Drift Meeting Fuji Speedway

organize by Weld-jp
consist of all type of toyota car equipped with 1jz engine like altezza,soarer,jzx100,jzx90 and many other...overall they manage to gather almost 100 cars

more news and pic here

movin out...

i moved the marker out from Lan house for a few month now coz his new housemate already got 2 cars, so jyu its currently parked infront of my house..the feelin its so unsecured but what to do...atleast i can watch it everyday hehe....

jyu and smfour

let they be lights!!!shoot!!i still havent repair the marker yellow look like something missing when the light is on....duh

side by side...

seldom driving it,everyday i feel more and more hate driving with diesel powered,i want 1jz fast!!!but last night cant resist doin some "donut"with it like an idiot hahahahaha

UIA DoriDori 21/12/08

last sunday,feel kinda bored,decided to check the event out coz my friend nick gad,amat and gaban are playing..organised by kelab sukan drift kuala lumpur & selangor (wtf with the name???) ... despite the small track layout (best suited for n/a cars) we have a great time eventhough im not drifting,just hitching ride hehe...

thanks to amar for the picha...dorifting pic here

with my DCM family....joe40c,joe-gaban,kak eyntan and mahfuz

time to go home....goin for dinner first near Klang gate....

another shilvia coming to town,but not so soon!!

its official, kuntom letting go his 180sx for a silvia s14 kouki with sr20n/a engine and i have an exclusive photo of his new ride and Tori san workshop called "Fulll Throttle"...all i can say its a really good choice considering s14 is kinda rare here in our so called "boleh land" hehe...

jeng jeng jeng....noticed the work rims box and sr20n/a engine hehe

i have saw this scenary like this be4 where a car on a jackstand but the car is 180sx and located in ampang hahahahah......

yupe i did mention n/a....but already been thrown now its DET time hehe

"full throttle" time.. shop belongs to Tori san...a pro nissan toyota hahaha

the front parked s14 belong to the boss himself

inside the shop...

Tori san s14

back when the young days of tori san this is his glorious z31....nice wangan vehicle hehe


customer/friends ride

more customer/friends cars hehe check out the sign board "rolling on the street"...the silver s14 owner is the person who bought kuntom 180sx...deng how i really wish i was there....its like the heaven for car lovers hehe...

kudos to kuntom coz most of the modification on the 14 he did it himself,from overhauling the DET engine to installing it and many others,jugling time between class and repairing cars its not an easy thing to do.. i am really happy for u bro....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

my quest for chaser!!

read in on here,as i put it in the draft before....

Psychomantra -Yenna Solla Pogirai

u guys must be asking why i put an indian song video clip here in my blog...look through till the end and u will see a purple GX80 chaser...the owner is Sidewaysgrey a.k.a naveen (btw no he's not the singer ok hehe),a fellow DCM,originally the car is mark II then he change it to chaser facelift...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Few news from the hunters!

i would like to say alot of thanks to and all its crew for a superb job they been doin all this is one of my fav site for a long-long time...keep up the good job..

here some news from their site

Street Style at msc honjo

alot of cool cars like team magician JZX110,hundred tu seratos ek a.k.a Jzx100,90 and 70....but sadly no 81

wanna know what is Koguchi Power,speedhunters visit the Man himself and his pride shop

more story and pic

News of the Devil Z coming to the Big Screen..from the creator of the world famous anime Initial D comes, Wangan Midnight the movie...the only question is when is the debut?

more story and pic

and finally the news about this wicked C33 Laurel especially for amat_dx

more story and news

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

yet another lost....

i been keeping my eyes this Jzx81 1jz Auto halfcut at sg.buloh for a while now...but sadly it is sold already and to someone i know....haih, what to do,no luck and not enough cash...just have be more "sabor" searching and hope i will find a better halfcut then this...huhu

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Heart that Finally Dies....

when i went to DCM drift charity on the sunday 30/11/2008 at Bukit jalil , i met up with the buyer who i sold my 4age engine to,(lousy owner,want it in perfect condition and a real cheapskate!@#$%) sadly he said that the engine is "kong" already..(i think he did mention about conrod or something)..but he already swap another 4age to his ke70...hate to asked more coz i really dislike i just leave....

so this is goodbye to u too..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

D1 Street Legal 08

video from d1 street legal south series round 4 2008 Sekia Hills,exclusive from our reporter there mr.kuntom...thanks for sharing becoz sharing is caring hahaha...Consist of famous regular D1 driver like the Suenaga Brothers and many others

Part II

Part III

Monday, December 8, 2008

32 madness!! Team A Bo Moon??

remember i did a story on akinobu satsukawa blue r32 4 is the rest of the gang

slammed like f**k!!

BN-Sport kitted

the king of 180sx!! Koguchi power part 2

sources: wikipedia
Yoshinori Koguchi (古口美範, Koguchi Yoshinori?, 2 February 1969, Tochigi) is a Japanese professional drifting driver, currently competing in the D1 Grand Prix series for Dunlop Tyres and Koguchi Power.

Like many of the other D1 drivers he owns his own tuning garage called Koguchi Power so does all of the work on his car himself. He has a great following of Nissan 180SX enthusiasts as he is one of the top 180SX drivers, also his car is the same one that he started out in. Another reason the fans like his car is that it mostly uses of the shelf parts that anyone can get hold of. His nickname is 'Emperor'.

He has been competing in D1 since it began in 2001 and consistently scored points in his Nissan 180SX in the first 3 seasons. He then switched to a Nissan Silvia S15 sponsored by tuning firm High Power Improvement, he did not do well in the car or the Toyota Chaser he used after. So in 2007 he changed back to his trusty 180SX and has been doing very well, if not very consitantly. Usually if he makes it into the top 16 he will score big points, gaining his first win in round 2 of the 2008 season.
During 2006 D1gp Allstars at Irwindale he drove a Falken Jzx100 chaser..but he didnt do well and that is the first and the last i saw that car in action again.

insanity in sekia hills

great video at sekia of my fav track layout..

Friday, December 5, 2008

koguchi power part one!

niceness koguchi street use 180sx!

thanks to speedhunters...more pic and story here

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Awaiting Approval & news from far away

funny thing is i been following the forum for almost 2 years now..but i havent register to become their members up until last week..(still waiting approval)to avoid spambot the registeration have been tighter than before..we first have to sent e-mail to moderator and have to wait 7 working days for the application to be process...then only the mod give us the nickname and password..if they accept me as their members...argh cant wait to start posting there hehe...

just ym-ing with kuntom,he sent me picture of he & his gang drifting at Oita Autopolis!!but they have to stop drifting at the place for the moment becoz of the snow is arriving hehe..

the criminal vehicle....errr i meant drifters!

kuntom 180sx
cantik interkoorer bang hehe...

wargh!!!!! r32 4doors!!!!!!i wanT!!!
Tori san c35 laurel (nick say it Laoo rell)


see how small the car look in the pic...thats a really a big place to play!!
not much of drifting picture but its still fun to see...thanks kuntom hehe!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nissan inside a Kids-Heart...

Been browsing Tezuka blog for sometimes..he always posted this white r34 rebuild first i thought its his customer car..(me too lazy to translate from japanese to english..hahaha) until i saw a picture of a koyo radiator inside the white car engine bay with tezuka name on it(powered by RB25 anyway)..this car will be used by Tezuka for D1 Street Legal event..he was able to score third place in the D1 Street Legal Rd.6 at Sekia Hills (sources from speedhunters)..i think (or maybe to replace the yellow R324 in D1GP) what's gonna happen to the gold R34 4doors he used for other event??beats me...he got way too many cars for Drifting..all i know he still keept his pink JzX81 a.k.a Freedom spec at his garage..he said its too precious and too many memory to be sold off..

i like it in white
nice arse and decal..
Special made for Tezuka by KOYORAD..huhuhu

Monday, November 17, 2008

welcome back my frens...

its been almost 6month and for some a year,since i last saw them in action...the time for hibernating and upgrading their cars is almost now there are back...will be terrorizing event some of the pic of their car and mods during their time out from drifting
(picture are taken before the upgrade process)

Nick a.k.a Nick Gad!
Toyota Mz141= engine upgrade,new MZ facelift,new paint

Joe666 a.k.a Gaban (daddy cool)
Silvia S14=engine upgrade,bodywork,strengthen & lighten

Amat Dx
Toyota KE70=body work,strengthen & lighten,new paint

Din Nismo a.k.a Din Glamoures
Nissan Skyfiro = engine upgrade,bodywork,strengthen & lighten,new paint

Prince in the Bull Fights..

Our P.O.D (prince of drift) Tengku Djan went to State's last Weekend for Red Bull Drifting World Championship..he loss in the best 16 to Sam Hubinette..anyway its a good job representing Malaysia against the world in Drifting...kudos to u...
the top 3 winner are..
hmmm why all are american...
for full report and coverage on the event u can check out

My Fellow JZX81 owners are also spotted in the event...
Crazy Smoking bad ass...Ben Broke Smith a.k.a Bon Bon ok UK from
sadly the car have problems with steering pump and cant smoke his way out...eliminated in the first round of best 16 to Darren McNamara..
Fellow american with MX83 Cressida from and

Amir of Houston

From Arizona..
too bad Daigo Saito couldnt make to this event...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


regarding the skyfiro...bloody hell the owner....yesterday when i ask u to check the stuff u look,u said its okay...then u call...and said the bracket is broken...and so on so on....fuck u

whats happening this weekend...

Remember i posted before about another KE70 4age swap beside Heri's...well its done already...only awaits to do minor wiring on the dashboard and front & rear light..

4age...side by side

Anip KE70 is now equipped with 16v

monday,received a call from my friend Pdot, while i was busy playing badminton..haha,saying his officemate,Jon accidently bang over a skyline with his waja...fuhhh..i was hoping let it not be a r34 or r35 otherwise he might just have to sell the car and work overtime to pay the owner...lucky it was only a skyfiro (skyline + cefiro) converting to r32 facelift front and back...(its GTS facelift but the owner keep claiming its wasn't born yesterday okay.. i dont a nissan but surely i know the different.)

alaaa skit je bang...
the damage...owner wanted a bumper and both light replaces...(actually it can be repaired..dented bumper and minor crack on the light..but i understand,if im in his place,i will probally do the same)
what bugs me is the bumper,he keep on saying the bumper is R32GTR different from R32GTS model..he claim GTS got no light on the plate number i called a few of my friend asking and search the net..viewed almost 20 to 30 pic comparing the bumper...and i conclude...only some spec of R32 GTR bumper have a red light on the side..other its all the SAME!!!Duh...again...
Thanks to Din Nismo,i already got the bumper and the light...costed around rm450..only thing now is to wait for the owner qoutation on the paint..
one thing settle...the other one is Jon's waja...
front light,bumper and grill... out
sigh...the signal also out...
fender is okay...
it look kinda bad compared to the he is on a tight budget...will be repairing this by end of the my friend wanna sell his extra front light and a bumper..the front bonnet,i think it can be repaired..hmmm plus paint...i think it should be cheaper than we expected..