Sunday, April 20, 2008

A change in heart?

As the dateline slowly coming,i still havent got a news about the not hoping much but..anyway while i was hanging out with my buddies last saturday night,one of my friend told me about getting a "track car" (cars that were bought in from japan/singapore but no legal document) in the form of a nissan 180sx for rm6k..damn i was tempted..and i know its dangerous and risky..lets say if i buy the car,i will be using the document and registration number from my previous still thinking about it,but if the track car is a nissan skyline R32 i will definetly take it..hahahaha..that is my one of my dream car eventhough is not a toyota..but the decision is still not final,we just have to wait and see what family that i rooted for..


The RthirtyTwo

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