Sunday, June 29, 2008

striping down

this is officially the most tiring weekend of my life,fully strip my markER,and painted the floor with black primer far im quite happy with the floor,no rusted or hole took my a total 14hours of labour to complete the task,alone..but it was well worth some pic of before and after..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

imitation Bride??

im supprised what imitation product are capable of this days..i cant even tell the different between original and imitation of this Bride product looking from the picture..its made in Taiwan..i asked a friend of mine who is apperently in Japan of whether the product is under licensed by Bride Japan or not..He said its 100% imitation..hmm looks like imitation does improve its skills and product..

see the real product at

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

love at first sight..

the first time i saw the x8 family in person was way back around 2006 during "DCM buka puasa session" at Dharoos Damansara..(btw it was the first DCM TT i attended) the car was park right in front my KE70,i was damn amaze seeing how big the car is..almost twice the size of my car and never that i thought i could owned one today..the car owner that time was Lyzardlaki (now the car is sold to the new onwer who keep on comparing the car fuel consumption to a honda city :-p lol ) the car was converted to cresta facelift,wide body with v.i.p style,1jz auto,and 18 inch wheels.

shortly after that another x8 arrived,totally different from the first one,with a mark II facelift and a two tone black and silver colour, jdm style,1jz auto and 17inch wheel... Yes its the President of the Taxi owner enche koopang marker...

side by side... v.i.p and jdm style!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let there be Light

last saturday went to Telija Klang (where most of marker parts are there) and bought myself a Jzx81 Rear Light with Centre plate holder..

Many thanks to my Friend Lan for helping me installing the light

This is how its looked on a LX80 body

Friday, June 20, 2008

the doors

just bought a set of secondhand door with suede interior and power window from ah kai @Drift house last thursday...great condition..cant wait to install it.replacing my old door with "kokak interior and power hand window"hahahaha..

fresh from Drift House...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome My Marker

yerp,this is my ride,slightly better than my previous car KE70..(when i say slightly better,i do mean it)..its a long waaaaaaayyyyy to go from here...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Marker Dorifto In Boleh Land

As long as i can remember,there only about 3 X80/81 mark II that drifted in the Malaysia Scene..

The red one,if im not mistaken belongs to Banting guys..(sadly,they not using it anymore/and i didnt have the pic)..

The White colour with Soarer Facelift belong to Soon Yeen Autoparts..(this car is on sale anyway)

and lastly The Silver colour with Chaser Facelift belong to Danny Choo a.k.a Chooz..(so far till this day only him that still drifting with the marker)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Art Of Smoke...

I was discussing it not a long time about this topic,on how an underpowered turbo car can make a smoke like hell while drifting,considering the weight disturbution,standard 0.5bar,welded axle and everything is stock to the bone ex. R32 ..coz when i asked him(the Driver),he just said,"its not the car but the driver"and laugh all the way..obviously the driver itself is well known here with his ultra cool ride and his drifting skill..Thanks to my friend a.k.a my drift sifu,i got my answer..

The thing is pretty easy,it depend on if u got balls or not,to push the gas pedal to floor..Its not that Drifter(self sponsered) cant do smoke like that even with a stock turbo cars it simply becoz there actually trying to save the tyre,from worn out its back to "how much ur willing to spend ur money on the tyre issue".Compare to a sponsor Drifter, they have an unlimited supply of tyre, so burning them is no problem..

Yoong with his Dunlop sponsered Nissan skyline R32

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Insane Petrol Hike!!???

i am damn pissed when i heard that Petrol price are now rm2.70 per liter,that is about 40% increse from the previous rm1.92 per liter...Shit..income is still the how im supposed to use 1jz on my car after this...Thank u Pak Lah, Najib, Khairy and formost BN goverment for coming up with this excellent idea!!....May u all burn in Hell....