Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Art Of Smoke...

I was discussing it not a long time about this topic,on how an underpowered turbo car can make a smoke like hell while drifting,considering the weight disturbution,standard 0.5bar,welded axle and everything is stock to the bone ex. R32 ..coz when i asked him(the Driver),he just said,"its not the car but the driver"and laugh all the way..obviously the driver itself is well known here with his ultra cool ride and his drifting skill..Thanks to my friend a.k.a my drift sifu,i got my answer..

The thing is pretty easy,it depend on if u got balls or not,to push the gas pedal to floor..Its not that Drifter(self sponsered) cant do smoke like that even with a stock turbo cars it simply becoz there actually trying to save the tyre,from worn out its back to "how much ur willing to spend ur money on the tyre issue".Compare to a sponsor Drifter, they have an unlimited supply of tyre, so burning them is no problem..

Yoong with his Dunlop sponsered Nissan skyline R32

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