Wednesday, June 25, 2008

love at first sight..

the first time i saw the x8 family in person was way back around 2006 during "DCM buka puasa session" at Dharoos Damansara..(btw it was the first DCM TT i attended) the car was park right in front my KE70,i was damn amaze seeing how big the car is..almost twice the size of my car and never that i thought i could owned one today..the car owner that time was Lyzardlaki (now the car is sold to the new onwer who keep on comparing the car fuel consumption to a honda city :-p lol ) the car was converted to cresta facelift,wide body with v.i.p style,1jz auto,and 18 inch wheels.

shortly after that another x8 arrived,totally different from the first one,with a mark II facelift and a two tone black and silver colour, jdm style,1jz auto and 17inch wheel... Yes its the President of the Taxi owner enche koopang marker...

side by side... v.i.p and jdm style!


: pinku no neko : said...

halo halo..testing testing..muahahahahha...kacau dia...;p

singbluesiliver said...

hahahaha patut la macam kenal jer hehe