Wednesday, July 30, 2008

random pic

i got nothing to post at the moment,running out of resources hehe,So here some random pic of what happen this and last weekend ...enjoy

Picture of nick and buddies spraying the 4door soarer

Help us find Zyfull Car..Black Cefiro WCJ3218 stolen today 31/07/08 at seksyen 13 shah alam..

4 month old baby Ban!!!(Daughter of joe666 a.k.a gabanZ,and her name is Qistina btw)

dorifter unite hehe during last sunday event 27/7/08 at bukit jalil..

Monday, July 28, 2008

the ultra best buy & Jimmy X80 chaser/mark II

last time before ah kai/Jimmy (drift house) decided to put the jzx81 2jz halfcut in his ride,he wanna sell it around rm1x,xxx with installation,(its quite expensive but.....) with a fully loaded stuff like example

-halfcut as usual gearbox with wiring
-'Result' aftermarket ECU
-JIC set hi/low n soft/hard set.
-rear full LOCK LSD with nissan 2pot calipers-front 4pots calipers
-ARC 3 layers radiator-long shaft-racing cluth (maybe)
-Full Cage. (14 points)-Fuel tank with hi pressure pump.
-New delta fin intercooler
-Apexi Air intake with aluminium air Ramp

the other special thing about this halfcut is,that its used in japan as a drift car,and a very famous one also..

back then in japan....

The healthy 2jz gte engine

this is how its look when its arrived in our boleh land,dont believe it?

Believed it hahahahaha(although its look like some part missing but major parts is still there)

Sadly,since no takers,ah kai then put in his X80...

During UKM Campus Dori

the car was sold later on,with the price tag of

Sunday, July 27, 2008

RCDrifter X80 cresta

another fellow markER,meet with him last weekend at bukit jalil event,thanks to Lan for taking his car picture,nicely done with 1jz gte auto inside hehe

Friday, July 25, 2008

No Update....

Sadly my markER is still in the workshop,still waiting its turn to change the nosecut,bloody hell is a long que hehe,but its okay with me,becoz i know the car is secured and safe inside the next month progress doesn't related to the bodywork hehe..

Abdullah bin Yahya Ex-taxi......(look inside the car,nosecut still in)

no Face.....

front panel = good condition..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Official Photo Of 4door Soarer

Got the pic yesterday,special thanks to Eid a.k.a What Inside for great picture!

Apai KUPETO X80 SuparChargar

This car is originally owned by "cicakman" Lyzardlaki (this fella successfully rebuild 2 markER in the past..The other one is VIP Cresta),then was sold to Apai KUPETO (KUPETO mean KUmpulan PEmilik TOyota) Lijet already equiped the car with a 2.0 supercharger engine..(not a famous engine among Xseries owner,coz mostly they would choose 2.5 1jz gte) back then the car is white in colour and the transmission is auto,now Apai paint it to Orange and change it to manual gearbox from 1gz gte..

the front

rear view

2.0 1G GZE S.U.P.E.R.C.H.A.R.G.E.R

the interior

i love this one!!!digital meter!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

WELD JZX100 Xtreme Build Up!

source/link (translated) :

source/link (original) :

remember my previous post about my favourite Jzx100 from weld company,well here is the complete blog link,on the build up,i wanted to post it earlier but that time the project is still under progress..only now the project is complete..

one thing still remain the same is the chassis(aside from they fully cut the floor,tube frame type,spotweld,rollcage,and bla,bla)other than that is all brand new stuff!

some might ask,why cut and re-weld it back,its simply becoz of the rigidity,more stiffened body thus elimanating the weak point,and also making it more lighter.if im not mistaken they shade off almost 400kilo from its original weight..they also rebuild the engine..imagine a powerful 2jz 3.1lt engine with an estimated 900hp (1000hp with NOS) in a light body....purely a monster wei!!! so enjoy!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Conflict Tuning LX80 conversion!

link/source from

another MarkER owner from malaysia (also a DCM forummer)..what's different about his car is,the halfcut..its from Jzx90 model,he also trying to fit the dashboard into the LX80 body.from my observation,and discussion with other X owners,i can say that the parts are not a direct fit, alot of modification need to be done,most of the part from the halfcut cannot be used back and alot of time and money involved in this project..its almost 1year now,since he first started the project,still no update,but recently he posted in DCM looking for jzx81 power steering unit,rear lamp,and i think the engine conversion is done already..

for me,i think the best solution is to find the Jzx81 halfcut..becoz,all the part is Plug n Play,no major modification or fabrication needed,and its eventually saved me alot of money and time,prior that the jzx81 manual halfcut is hard to find and the price now reaching rm7k...pergh....pergh..

movin on,yesterday went to bukit jalil and bump into Man a.k.a RCDrifter and his Yellowish X80 Cresta..i forgot to take a picture of his ride..btw nice to meet u too bro..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Soarer 4 doors the Third Installment..

the mz20 facelift conversion on a corona TT141 is done! i hope this will be the first of its kind,becoz usually they did mz10 on a corona,but this is totally something new and radical..enjoy this pic first,becoz im actually waiting for the Official Picture from Eid the photographer to be sent to me by Nick...

nicely done and fit just nice hehe

"taik cicak" colour at the moment hahahaha

Finally,Nick would like to tribute this pic to Eid,becoz of the efford he make for the photoshoot up for the Soarer 4 door will definetly be a paint job,coz i surely dont wanna see a "taik cicak" coloured car drifting hahahahahah

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Soon Kazuto garage LX80 Drift Machine

As much as i hate posting this topic,i cant helped it that is one nice Cresta..yerp ah soon actually bought two of this cars (koopang and me was a little too late,if not it could have been ours..but this what we call "xde rejki")anyway enjoy the pic,and for more update of this ride,u can check out at this link

Fully stripped on the engine and exterior

Jzx81 Facelift conversion,as u can see they cut it on the rear of the fender.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Soarer 4 doors part two..

Here an update of the Nick TT141 Soarer 4 doors...
dismantle work begins...
wider arch for the wheel have been done

rear light conversion is done..but there's maybe a few changes need to be done to allign the lining for the front light and the door
no face..
inspection time by the owner
to be continued again...
as for me,today i went to Jpj Bandar Tasek Permaisuri to change the name on the pinkslip of my marker,luckly there was no problem,and now the mark 2 is officially belong to me!hehe

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

future colour scheme

yesterday,while surveying the price for installing my nosecut,i went to the paint shop where i did my KE70 last time.i show the tauke,the colour of tezuka' freedom ride and he said he got a similar colour,its from "DUPONT" colour company..and the quotation for doing my car is not bad,around rm2.2k only (and its very2 nego),inside and out,i was expecting it will be much more expensive,considering that my car is big and i tought the colour was pearl but just 2k(pearl would cost more)..but not right now la,have to wait after i install my new engine and my big-win bodykit..within 1 years time hahahahaha

Monday, July 7, 2008

Refurbish My Enche Nardi

This is the first E Nardi Steering wheel that i bought a long-long time ago.the pvc is in really bad condition,so i decided to re-wrap the steering.the cost is quite expensive rm150,but the end result,u'll be the judge hehe

the reason why Im broke every month......

Last week went to Telija Klang again with Ijat and nick,to buy a few stuff for my Marker that is nose cut, one hood,and rear bonnet emblem.


The support vehicle for this mission, Ijat Isuzu Trooper

nick,ijat and the coolest worker at telija helping to put the jzx81 hood on the trooper

yerp,2 nosecut my jzx81 the nick Mz20

We went to Meru next,to drop off the Mz20 nosecut.And this will be a Malaysian First,Toyota Soarer 4 doors conversion from Corona TT141 Model to Soarer Mz20 Facelift,for the front and rear

as u can see the rear light conversion is already done

Mz20 nose cut

Conversion of the Mz20 nosecut to TT141 be continued

my Jzx81 nosecut

Rear Boot Emblem


Changing the Hood first

The Different between LX80 hood and Jzx81 Hood is at the circle,Jzx81 has a slight longer front and the shape is more curvy

The Jzx81 Hood

Lan Doing the wiring for the rear lamp

Lan and I cant install the nosecut by ourself becoz we didnt have a proper equipment and skill i will send it to the bodyshop in a few days.

I also would like to thanks Nick,Ijat,Lan and mr koopang for helping me in this task and my marker project...I couldn't not have done it without u guys...