Sunday, July 20, 2008

Conflict Tuning LX80 conversion!

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another MarkER owner from malaysia (also a DCM forummer)..what's different about his car is,the halfcut..its from Jzx90 model,he also trying to fit the dashboard into the LX80 body.from my observation,and discussion with other X owners,i can say that the parts are not a direct fit, alot of modification need to be done,most of the part from the halfcut cannot be used back and alot of time and money involved in this project..its almost 1year now,since he first started the project,still no update,but recently he posted in DCM looking for jzx81 power steering unit,rear lamp,and i think the engine conversion is done already..

for me,i think the best solution is to find the Jzx81 halfcut..becoz,all the part is Plug n Play,no major modification or fabrication needed,and its eventually saved me alot of money and time,prior that the jzx81 manual halfcut is hard to find and the price now reaching rm7k...pergh....pergh..

movin on,yesterday went to bukit jalil and bump into Man a.k.a RCDrifter and his Yellowish X80 Cresta..i forgot to take a picture of his ride..btw nice to meet u too bro..

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