Monday, July 7, 2008

the reason why Im broke every month......

Last week went to Telija Klang again with Ijat and nick,to buy a few stuff for my Marker that is nose cut, one hood,and rear bonnet emblem.


The support vehicle for this mission, Ijat Isuzu Trooper

nick,ijat and the coolest worker at telija helping to put the jzx81 hood on the trooper

yerp,2 nosecut my jzx81 the nick Mz20

We went to Meru next,to drop off the Mz20 nosecut.And this will be a Malaysian First,Toyota Soarer 4 doors conversion from Corona TT141 Model to Soarer Mz20 Facelift,for the front and rear

as u can see the rear light conversion is already done

Mz20 nose cut

Conversion of the Mz20 nosecut to TT141 be continued

my Jzx81 nosecut

Rear Boot Emblem


Changing the Hood first

The Different between LX80 hood and Jzx81 Hood is at the circle,Jzx81 has a slight longer front and the shape is more curvy

The Jzx81 Hood

Lan Doing the wiring for the rear lamp

Lan and I cant install the nosecut by ourself becoz we didnt have a proper equipment and skill i will send it to the bodyshop in a few days.

I also would like to thanks Nick,Ijat,Lan and mr koopang for helping me in this task and my marker project...I couldn't not have done it without u guys...

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