Thursday, July 17, 2008

Soarer 4 doors the Third Installment..

the mz20 facelift conversion on a corona TT141 is done! i hope this will be the first of its kind,becoz usually they did mz10 on a corona,but this is totally something new and radical..enjoy this pic first,becoz im actually waiting for the Official Picture from Eid the photographer to be sent to me by Nick...

nicely done and fit just nice hehe

"taik cicak" colour at the moment hahahaha

Finally,Nick would like to tribute this pic to Eid,becoz of the efford he make for the photoshoot up for the Soarer 4 door will definetly be a paint job,coz i surely dont wanna see a "taik cicak" coloured car drifting hahahahahah

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