Monday, July 28, 2008

the ultra best buy & Jimmy X80 chaser/mark II

last time before ah kai/Jimmy (drift house) decided to put the jzx81 2jz halfcut in his ride,he wanna sell it around rm1x,xxx with installation,(its quite expensive but.....) with a fully loaded stuff like example

-halfcut as usual gearbox with wiring
-'Result' aftermarket ECU
-JIC set hi/low n soft/hard set.
-rear full LOCK LSD with nissan 2pot calipers-front 4pots calipers
-ARC 3 layers radiator-long shaft-racing cluth (maybe)
-Full Cage. (14 points)-Fuel tank with hi pressure pump.
-New delta fin intercooler
-Apexi Air intake with aluminium air Ramp

the other special thing about this halfcut is,that its used in japan as a drift car,and a very famous one also..

back then in japan....

The healthy 2jz gte engine

this is how its look when its arrived in our boleh land,dont believe it?

Believed it hahahahaha(although its look like some part missing but major parts is still there)

Sadly,since no takers,ah kai then put in his X80...

During UKM Campus Dori

the car was sold later on,with the price tag of


epen GL said...

wallaneyyy. what u say very true ar. drift car from japang. huhu

Air Intake Kits said...

You did great working on this car. Wish I had talent like yours.