Monday, July 21, 2008

WELD JZX100 Xtreme Build Up!

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remember my previous post about my favourite Jzx100 from weld company,well here is the complete blog link,on the build up,i wanted to post it earlier but that time the project is still under progress..only now the project is complete..

one thing still remain the same is the chassis(aside from they fully cut the floor,tube frame type,spotweld,rollcage,and bla,bla)other than that is all brand new stuff!

some might ask,why cut and re-weld it back,its simply becoz of the rigidity,more stiffened body thus elimanating the weak point,and also making it more lighter.if im not mistaken they shade off almost 400kilo from its original weight..they also rebuild the engine..imagine a powerful 2jz 3.1lt engine with an estimated 900hp (1000hp with NOS) in a light body....purely a monster wei!!! so enjoy!

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