Friday, August 29, 2008

slowing down for the month of september

Ramadhan is coming up,its time for fasting month,will be slowing down on project MarkER,there still will be thing to do just a little slow than usual,restricted time during the day and night..currently saving up my money to buy a set of new wheel for the car,not gonna tell what rim i will be using at the moment..(the spec 17inch wheel 9inch width and offset around 3+)

Meet up with Kuntom/Skyliner32 and his Japanese friend, Tori-san last Thursday,Kuntom is on holiday break for 3week and will return back this sunday,while Tori is just on vacation visiting singapore and Malaysia seeing cars/drift scene here..Tori owned a car workshop at Fukuoka japan,mostly caters to nissan cars..he is also a Drifter,own a S14 silvia and a Laurel (a diehard fan of nissan)at first i thought his Laurel is a C33 model,(c33 is similar year and cutting to the jzx81) then he said ""....he later on show me a picture from his phone....shit.... its was C35 model (a close rival to toyota JZX100 and a rare one too) ...all i can say both of Tori-san car is in great condition ready for show and drift...a good conversation we all had with help of Kuntom and Joe666 as translator...He said that he will coming again next year to join us in a drift event or session,driving Kuntom 180sx..Anyway good luck on ur Trust Drift event tomorrow Tori-san,and nice to meet u...

Pic of C33 Kuntom sent to me that i thought belong to Tori

C35 that similar to Tori one

Kuntom 180sx

Sunday, August 24, 2008

the journey 400km from here...and who the hell is abg kamal!

Recall back the journey i had while searching for the X80..after a few phone call conversation i had with the owner..i decided to check it was on 7th June 08(it was a few days after the insane petrol hike rm2.70)..with a help of my buddy (special thanks to Iz for spending ur time and lending ur car to me) i hitch his ride to go the place 400KM from my hometown..when arrived,we meet up with koopang first(he is around town),then off to the place of where the chaser is..Upon arrival there no sign of the owner but the car is there,we talk to the other taxi owner asking where is this person with the name of "Abg Kamal"..(call him but no answer)they told us that he might still be at home..with the help of "Abg Din",we taxi ride to "Abg Kamal" house..the bugger is at home,sleeping...he said that he's been working late..its okay i we sitted at the chair in front of his house..we begin discussing about the Chaser X80..we know that he wanted to sell the car for only rm4k..but then the word "tapi..sebenarnya" came out of his mouth...koopang and i starting giving this weird look..

first problem,the car still got debt to the credit company..not much..around rm3K (that make the total of rm7K)..
second,we need to find out first if the credit company is still exist,becoz if not,the name in the pink slip cant be change and the car status will still be "Perdagangan" instead of "Persendirian"..
third,we need to cancel the "taxi permit" on the car by turn out this "Abg Kamal" is not the owner as stated in the pink slip..he is only a driver for the make things worst he said the owner is a Gangster,only he can deal with him..

why u cant tell me this on the phone!!...i travel from Kajang to kuantan,spend almost RM3++ on fuel,toll,and food just to hear this crap!!...

i try to think positive at the moment..then we went back to the taxi stand,to inspect the car..after that took a copy of the pink slip..and said "we'll try to find the credit company first.if anything we'll let u know"

uuuuu frameless....

see abg kamal hands showing the engine

lx80 "zenki"(old model) chaser

Next stop to Kemaman,Terengganu to continue our search..stop to have lunch first and off to kemaman taxi stand...we ask the uncle taxi there if they got X80..after asking his fellow taxi-an and made a few phone call to kuala terengganu taxi stand...there was no luck...but still,the uncle offer me a crown,cedric and bluebird instead hahaha...

me and koopang at kemaman..patiently awaits

dispointed again,we went back to kuantan,while otw we make a quick stop cherating,to buy "keropok lekor"...then go to Teluk Chempedak,for sight seeing of the beach and dinner...and finally continue the journey back home...

2 days after that i decided to check out the credit company which located in KL,i was really having a hard time looking for that place + it was a pain in the arse haha...been searching for almost a whole day till i finally found it...turns out the company bankrup 3years ago...another dead end...

a week after the crazy journey,i got a call from "abg kamal"asking me if im still interested on buying the car coz if not there are someone else willing to buy the car,and i said its okay if the car got another buyer...i already lost interest on the car considering the problem with the documentation...and i dont care if its frameless or not....i got way too much issue to deal with that is one of my story and exprience on my road to find a X8...... if u said im not looking hard enough ur dead wrong hahahha

Saturday, August 23, 2008

hmmm aaa...

last week update..power window done! haha

some photoshoot of my rides...x80 and sm4

another view

my sm4 today at the workshop..changing the starter..

remember my blue colour seat,that i sent for it is..not to happy with the result but ok la....

how i miss u WAQ...

its been like almost 8month already since i lost my Ke70 to a teribble accident earlier this year...seeing other people ke70 sometimes make me jealous...damn how miss my "kete buruk"..i begin the project back in 2006 when i bought this car from my friends cousin for the price of rm2k..been rebuilding it ever since..spent almost rm 17k on the car..then shit happen..the initial plan was to keep the Ke70 as a second/drift car while the markER for the first car/daily drive..due to the accident and the damage on the chassis there nothing else i could do but to scarp the car and sold all the stuff that can be sell..amizingly i manage to collect enough money to buy the markER, to me all hope is not lost..there still a memory of the Ke70 inside my markER...its actually doing a last favour to me,or what i like to call "opening a road for something bigger"..this is a tribute for u!!!my KE70..(in life,i dont have that many friends,so i spend most of time rebuilding my car,so u know how important It is to me)

in the begining..

toyota vios colour shceme...

the last goodbye..

Monday, August 18, 2008

markER day out

started the day doing the wiring for power window
washed and polish the markER
do some photoshoot with my sm4...
dunno why cant upload photo??

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

List of thing to do this week

1.install the otherside of the power window door
2.sent for rewiring power window and central lock
3.go pick up the full bucket the sidemarker lamp
5.if possible wash the markER and my sm4
6.bring out the bumper and front nose cut bar from the car
7.reinstall the passenger side seat
8.repaint the stratch floor interior with anti rust
9.reorganised all of my markER stuff at Lan house
10.install full bucket
11.install my enche nardi the door lock

fuh.....that is quite a list...i will do all that if im "rajin" la hahahahhahhahahaaaaa

Sunday, August 10, 2008

its another weekend..

wake up early on sunday and decided to install the door bought from drift house..thanks to Lan again for helping me..the power window door are quite heavy compare to the "power hand"model hahaha..

removing the old door


only manage to change the right side first (the left side will continue next week and sent it to do wiring for power window and central locking),as lan and i were busy adjusting the "senget" front light,grill and hood that i mention before,and once again lan worked wonders,problem fixed..

also manage to find my enche nardi ring and horn now it is complete!

the ring and the horn button is rare item and pretty hard to find these days...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monang Besor!

in my previous post,i mention about the big-win bodykit..this is it..its quite expensive actually if u buy it straight from Japan..luckly drift house have re-product this bodykit and are sold with a cheaper price..but the only thing that u will get from drift house is just front,rear bumper and side skrit only..(no spoiler and wide fender..u'll have to custom it if u want..)
visit for more info..

Experimenting with K750i

Manage to bring back the car from the workshop yesterday,honestly speaking im not very happy with the result after i look at it for sometime..esp at the bumper area..the right side is more inner than left(in other word a bit "senget")..damn i really should have buy a set complete of fender last time,and cut the fender at the rear side like Soon kazuto the only thing to do is to cover up it with a bigwin bodykit..if its works? !@#$$($(@%#$!!!!!

moving on,here some pic i took with my phone..playing with the effect function..

sephia effect

solarize effect

i like this pic the most..

black and white

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Soon Yeen Autoparts Jzx80 for sale....

found this car at used car around cheras area yesterday...this is its latest look,with big win body kit and 18inch wheel (or maybe its 17inch??)
the blue ke70 is also from soon yeen autoparts (for sale) the funny things about this two cars is both of them have "masuk longkang" during UKM dori event chapter last year hahahahaah
Pic thanks to Koopang

New face

finally!!! jzx81 facelift hehehe

the rounded red circle area are slightly unfit and got a little gap,lets hope when i changed to big win bodykit the problem will be solved hehe

will try to bring the car home today

hehe got this japan local made from japan with bride railing from koopang,will sent it to refurbish a.s.a.p,and see how it look after this hehe