Saturday, August 23, 2008

how i miss u WAQ...

its been like almost 8month already since i lost my Ke70 to a teribble accident earlier this year...seeing other people ke70 sometimes make me jealous...damn how miss my "kete buruk"..i begin the project back in 2006 when i bought this car from my friends cousin for the price of rm2k..been rebuilding it ever since..spent almost rm 17k on the car..then shit happen..the initial plan was to keep the Ke70 as a second/drift car while the markER for the first car/daily drive..due to the accident and the damage on the chassis there nothing else i could do but to scarp the car and sold all the stuff that can be sell..amizingly i manage to collect enough money to buy the markER, to me all hope is not lost..there still a memory of the Ke70 inside my markER...its actually doing a last favour to me,or what i like to call "opening a road for something bigger"..this is a tribute for u!!!my KE70..(in life,i dont have that many friends,so i spend most of time rebuilding my car,so u know how important It is to me)

in the begining..

toyota vios colour shceme...

the last goodbye..

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