Friday, August 29, 2008

slowing down for the month of september

Ramadhan is coming up,its time for fasting month,will be slowing down on project MarkER,there still will be thing to do just a little slow than usual,restricted time during the day and night..currently saving up my money to buy a set of new wheel for the car,not gonna tell what rim i will be using at the moment..(the spec 17inch wheel 9inch width and offset around 3+)

Meet up with Kuntom/Skyliner32 and his Japanese friend, Tori-san last Thursday,Kuntom is on holiday break for 3week and will return back this sunday,while Tori is just on vacation visiting singapore and Malaysia seeing cars/drift scene here..Tori owned a car workshop at Fukuoka japan,mostly caters to nissan cars..he is also a Drifter,own a S14 silvia and a Laurel (a diehard fan of nissan)at first i thought his Laurel is a C33 model,(c33 is similar year and cutting to the jzx81) then he said ""....he later on show me a picture from his phone....shit.... its was C35 model (a close rival to toyota JZX100 and a rare one too) ...all i can say both of Tori-san car is in great condition ready for show and drift...a good conversation we all had with help of Kuntom and Joe666 as translator...He said that he will coming again next year to join us in a drift event or session,driving Kuntom 180sx..Anyway good luck on ur Trust Drift event tomorrow Tori-san,and nice to meet u...

Pic of C33 Kuntom sent to me that i thought belong to Tori

C35 that similar to Tori one

Kuntom 180sx

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