Sunday, September 28, 2008

a selamat hari raya all

im kinda sad when ramadhan is leaving us...a month has pass by already,any way wishing all a selamat hari raya aidilfitri,maaf zahir batin and have a safe journey..oh btw i'll raya ing at kajang this year..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Orido is Back with the Aristo

too lazy to write,so decided to cut and paste from the sources
thanks to

the one and only...

Manabu "MAX" Orido is a Japanese racing driver who currently competes in the Super GT series for Toyota Team Tsuchiya in a Lexus SC430 sponsored by Eclipse and Advan
Orido began his racing career as a street racer and then progressed to touge racing.[1] After years of one make series, he first appeared in the JGTC series in 1996 and won the GT300 title for the following year, up until the 2000 season when he moved up to GT500 he took three wins altogether and has since taken two GT500 wins to date. Orido competed in two Grand National Division, West Series races in 1999. He finished eigthteenth at Irwindale Speedway, and thirtieth at Twin Ring Motegi. He was also the D1 Grand Prix judge from the start of the series to the end of the 2004, when he became driver for that following season until his drifting driver career ended when his Toyota Supra was destroyed in a transportation accident en route to Advan Drift Meeting when it was hit from behind driven by a sleeping truck driver. Orido currently teaches safety driving at NATS (Nihon Automobile High Technical School).Because of his appearance in video series such as Video Option and Hot Version, Orido has become a fan favorite in the Super GT series.
Until 2006, Orido always drove the Supra in Super GT as he personally owns one as well as using it for drifting events, despite being disadvantaged in the latter.

the RsR supra a.k.a Ridox supra (orido name spell backword)

Toyota Aristo JZS 161 - Max Factor
The Stage Is Set For The Return Of One Of Japan's Greatest Drifters
writer: Jonathan Wongphotographer: Wes Allison

Step into the presence of Manabu Orido and you'll be treated to celebrity status. The man is legendary in Japan, both as a GT driver and for what he is most often recognized as: a drifter. He is cool and confident at all times, smokes cigarettes constantly, is dressed as if his life were a GQ fashion spread and carries a certain arrogance about himself in a way that doesn't make you want to hate him but actually makes you want to like him more. Orido knows his worth as a driver, but in recent years has dipped out of the limelight due to political forces in the Japanese drifting community that we probably shouldn't investigate, unless we care to lose a finger.
In that downtime, Orido carried on as a driver for the Super GT series. He spent more time at his restaurant so he could fine-tune his skills as a chef. He even mentored one of our local heroes, Dai Yoshihara, during the off-season with NOB Taniguchi; the three often play golf in the motherland. But he wanted so desperately to get back into drifting. "A few years ago, I talked to NOB and [Takahiro] Ueno about building identical drift cars that we could take to the U.S. so we could perform for our American fans," he says, "so I built this Aristo because of my relationship with Toyota. It's a high performance sports sedan that's perfect for drifting and it comes with a 2JZ motor. I think it's something everyone would like." But the Aristo was not built as an overnight sensation. It was during those years of seclusion-three years' worth, to be exact-that the car was often left untouched until Limit Line took over. In three months, the shop prepared the chassis to become the drift vehicle it is today.

the front



wicked dash,he so famous that even Nardi produce his name

argh 2jz

Fast FactsToyota Aristo JZS 161
Owner Manabu Orido
Hometown Yokohama, Japan
Daily Grind Professional race car driver and drifter
Under The Hood '97 2JZ-GTE built by Limit Line; HKS T04Z turbo and camshafts; SARD 1000cc injectors, radiator, fuel collector tank, fuel rail and air intake; RS*R dual exhaust; Blitz intercooler; APP oil cooler; custom engine mounts; Limit Line custom piping; Billion cooling fans and power steering tank
Power 690 ps
Drivetrain Hollinger six-speed sequential transmission; Tomei LSD; Ogura twin-plate clutch
Brains HKS Electronic Valve Timing Controller, EVC EZ and A/F Knock Amp
Stiff Stuff RS*R coilovers; Cusco front sway bar, front tower bar and lower arm bar; Ikeya Formula arm assembly
Stoppers Project six-pot calipers and custom hydraulic e-brake system
Rollers 18x9 (+20) and 18x10 (+15) Yokohama TC-5 wheels; Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD07 tires
Outside Vertex body kit; Ferrari Red paint; graphics by Limit Line; Craft Square side mirrors
Inside Bride seats; carbon-fiber dash from Super GT Supra; Orido Style steering wheel; Works Bell hub; MAX Racing digital gauges; Takata seat belt harness; SARD battery case; G-eyes acrylic windows; Fire Master fire extinguisher
Props Limit Line: Kaneyama, Harada and Hasegawa; Project ; Yokohama Tire (ADVAN); HKS; ORC; RS*R; SARD; Bride; Auto Tech; MSC (Motor Sport Com); Vertex

more pic here..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

visiting din@conflict tuning

its another saturday in the month of ramadhan,koopang and i decided to visit Din conflict tuning (i posted about his ride sometime ago) at his mechanic workshop in ampang,and check up an update on his ride..sadly he said the car still didnt have a first start yet,due to rats munching away wiring of the engine..its a major setback considering the engine is in as the mech need to recheck the whole wiring....

1jz from jzx90,check out the fuse box,its bigger than the jzx81
18inch wheel,v.i.p style
jzx90 dash on a x80 body,when its done will be the first in malaysia(noticed the hole for the gearbox on top of the he ever gonna settle it?)
another thing that interest me,is this ke70 body,still under construction
green engine bay??
carbon fibre rocker cover??
waaaaa the ae86 dash also carbon fibre paint??(wonder how its gonna react toward direct sun?)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mz141 new cosmetic..

its been a while since i post about the Mz,here some pic of the interior and stuff that will be goin in the car...

180sx interior??how weird hahaha

nardi that came out from the same refurbish shop..

fuhhh Apexi RSM and SAFC II (mcm kenal je safc tu??),
"CA" Evo Size Intercooler...

Monday, September 15, 2008

this is Official!!

found this pic while browsing tezuka blog..some info on the car according to tezuka,the colour name "Brown Pearl"..the owner was from Kumamoto city then transfer to Nagoya..originally the owner owned "the white river" car (some tuner or team i think)..went to Kidsheart (tezuka workplace) for an oil change..

that is all that he mentioned.... and this is official as one of my favourite hehe

Friday, September 12, 2008

for the time being..

Many thanks to Joe Dorifto Demon for lending me his Rims..will used it until i got my rims hehe...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

who is Daigo Saito!!

another my favourite D1 drifter becoz he used a Xseries,and the story on how he begin drifting is quite interesting..

Daigo Saito

Nationality Japan
Date of Birth March 7, 1980 (1980-03-07) (age 28)
Place of Birth Saitama
2008 D1 Grand Prix
Debut season 2004
Current team Team 22
Best finish 7th in 2007
Previous series
2006 D1 Street Legal
Daigo Saito (斉藤太吾, Saito Daigo?, 7 March 1980, Saitama) is a Japanese professional drifting driver, currently competing in the D1 Grand Prix series for Fnatz Professional Garage.

From an early age he was into motorbikes as his father was, and got his motorcycle license at 16. One night when he was out riding with his friends they stumbled upon a drift meeting in the hills of Karuizawa, there he saw a white Mercedes-Benz saloon drifting. From then on he wanted to drift himself and he wanted to drift a saloon. As soon as he was 18 he got his drivers license, his father did not want him to drift so bought him a Mini Cooper as his first car. At this time he didn't know that it wouldn't be a good car to drift so he tried, and ended up writing it off. He then bought a Nissan Silvia S13 without asking his parents and set about practicing, his first practice session lasted 36 hours only stopping for food and fuel. He learned a lot from this first practice session though he totalled the Nissan Silvia S13 a couple of weeks later.

In 2005, Saito won the title for privateers

Unlike most D1 drivers his work is not connected to his drifting, as he lives and works at a nursery school, though he is mainly in charge of the animals he is also in charge of driving the bus when the kids go on outings.

He started competing in the D1 Grand Prix in the third round of the 2004 season in his red Toyota Mark II JZX90 since then he has improved steadily, 2007 being his best season so far as he finished seventh overall despite a large crash with Masato Kawabata.

sources from wikipedia

jzx90 that was totalled during battle with kawabata s15..(Wtf check out the exhaust coming out from the rear door??)

if u think thats bad,check out his other car JZX100 that he used for local drift event

currently drifting this MarkER Jzx100 during D1...800hp + body weighing only around 1300kg..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday Day Out....

It's a first week of Ramadhan,the sky was dark from the morning,a sign of rain to come,around 12.30pm follow mr prez koopang to some places..

first stop is at "Ah Boy" Chop shop at Damansara,as he is looking for a second hand tyre for his wira..(no luck of finding any)..

Next stop Kepong,visiting..inspecting the JIC for Jzx81 that's for sale..with a very very reasonable price tag..will be coming back this week hehe...



Boss JZX80 MarkER...

Finally last stop before we went home,Chop shop at Jinjang..found this Jzx90 chaser manual hafkat selling for rm6k..

auto ke manual??apehal auto ke manual!!!hahahaahahah

Bos found JZX81 IRS subframe but no LSD....rm500

then went back home just in time for "buka puasa"....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tein HA ha ha ha

Special thanks to kuntom for winning the suspension at yahoo auction today...closed bid at 30,500yen (around rm950)..finding the suspension here in malaysia for x80/81 is really a pain in the ass..another thing they often sell JIC brand instead of Tein and others..
the Tein HA comes with Swift sport spring and cusco rear pillow ball...will be arriving within another 6month times along with kuntom stuff..its okay as long as i already own it. hahaha

the link..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3s complication...

Since the begining of my project i been doing some research,on what other engine to put beside 1jz inside the markER..drop the common swap like SR20 or RB from nissan for the moment..its not that i dont prefer it but there alot of modification need to be done and consider..then koopang sent me a picture of 3s gte engine on a toyota comfort (3s gte is a 2.0c.c 4cyclinder engine originally from mr2,celica,caldina) 3s was the main topic since...then we finally manage to meet up with Ah Boy (a friend of koopang) last week at USJ (the only markER onwer that i know using 3s...wanting to him earlier but he is outstation for so long..)Fiy Ah Boy work at the chopshop at damansara area,so when i mention he went outstation u know where la,of course la Japan hehe..if Tori-san is a pro nissan,Ah Boy is pro Toyota hahaha..Ah boy 3s-gte is already modded by the japanese,inside out, Turbo,ecu,cams,injector and so on..estimating a whooping 350hp!ok the main question.. so we ask him what is needed to put the 3s on a marker..first we need to find/buy
(he mention alot but i cant recall.. here a few)

-3s gte mr2/celica halfcut around rm4k
-aftermarket turbo manifold
-aftermarket intake manifold
-aftermarket injector/fuel railing
-1g gte complete gearbox
-jzx81 complete crossmember

the rest i forgot minus the cost (not including workmanship)will be around roughly around as well go for 1jz hahaha..but then again is just an option,and i still haven't decided...

3S-GE???where's the T, its supposed to be 3S-GTE (GTE=Turbo Version)

nice and clean,not to crowded/packed compare to the JZ..he estimated around 350hp!!waaa i like..

big intercooler hiding behind the bumper..

backside of the light still original X80 hehe

Mark II catalogue that Ah boy bring back from japan..its like a bible for the markER owners..nice!

on the way back spotted koopang ex-markER hehe

and finally a little update on my markER,install the seat and steering wheel