Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3s complication...

Since the begining of my project i been doing some research,on what other engine to put beside 1jz inside the markER..drop the common swap like SR20 or RB from nissan for the moment..its not that i dont prefer it but there alot of modification need to be done and consider..then koopang sent me a picture of 3s gte engine on a toyota comfort (3s gte is a 2.0c.c 4cyclinder engine originally from mr2,celica,caldina) 3s was the main topic since...then we finally manage to meet up with Ah Boy (a friend of koopang) last week at USJ (the only markER onwer that i know using 3s...wanting to him earlier but he is outstation for so long..)Fiy Ah Boy work at the chopshop at damansara area,so when i mention he went outstation u know where la,of course la Japan hehe..if Tori-san is a pro nissan,Ah Boy is pro Toyota hahaha..Ah boy 3s-gte is already modded by the japanese,inside out, Turbo,ecu,cams,injector and so on..estimating a whooping 350hp!ok the main question.. so we ask him what is needed to put the 3s on a marker..first we need to find/buy
(he mention alot but i cant recall.. here a few)

-3s gte mr2/celica halfcut around rm4k
-aftermarket turbo manifold
-aftermarket intake manifold
-aftermarket injector/fuel railing
-1g gte complete gearbox
-jzx81 complete crossmember

the rest i forgot minus the cost (not including workmanship)will be around roughly around as well go for 1jz hahaha..but then again is just an option,and i still haven't decided...

3S-GE???where's the T, its supposed to be 3S-GTE (GTE=Turbo Version)

nice and clean,not to crowded/packed compare to the JZ..he estimated around 350hp!!waaa i like..

big intercooler hiding behind the bumper..

backside of the light still original X80 hehe

Mark II catalogue that Ah boy bring back from japan..its like a bible for the markER owners..nice!

on the way back spotted koopang ex-markER hehe

and finally a little update on my markER,install the seat and steering wheel

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