Wednesday, October 29, 2008

R154 vs W58

^^this not Handphone model ok hahaha

a good link to compare between R154 (jz gte= turbo version) and W58 (jz ge= NA version) manual gearbox..

why is this important??


first of all Toyota didnt produce a manual gearbox for Jzx81,(all are auto)...the one that u see on a jzx81 halfcut is modify by the japanese user..

second, the a major different between R154 and W58 when used on 1jz or 2jz gte engine is the ratio..example if u used W58 on a 1jz gte engine,the torque would be great,but when it came to top,it feel like the engine still got power,but the gearbox has reach its i heard from someone using the w58 on 1z gte,the gearbox makes a loud humming noise when reaching 180km/h,when we all know 1jz gte pontencial is more than that...the result of pushing the limit might cost u a new gearbox..coz W58 couldnt with stand the pressure produce from the 1jz gte..

the saddest thing about JZ series Manual gearbox whether its R154 or W58 its hard to find here in boleh having to compete with our neighbour Thailand in getting it make it more difficult (Thailand loves the JZ engine for Drag used) and NISSAN owners who prefer JZ engine compare to the make thing worse these gearbox aint cheap...around rm2500 - rm3000 gearbox only...doesnt include clutchplate,flywhell,and other stuff...

additional info

1g ge = 2.0 na/normally aspirated
1g gte = 2.0cc twin turbo
1g gze = 2.0cc supercharger

1jz gte = 2.5cc twin turbo
2jz gte = 3.0cc twin turbo
1.5jz gte = 3.0cc twin turbo a "rojak" combination between 2j block and 1jz head...(like tezuka pink jzx81)

I Dream of Cresta...

At first i dislike Cresta,due to its dull front and weird rear light...then i saw a picture of it with bodykit,instantly i fall in love...i dreamt when my markER project is finish,i would buy a Cresta,strip down the interior,dump RB20det in,put BIG WIN bodykit,paint the car black with spray can and whack the car for drifting....hahahahha....but then again it just a dream of mine...hehe

the car that capture my heart..

two tone black and silver
all black!

two tone with stripe...
A MarkER Companion..
when i was little i always wanted to own a cat...but due to my sister "asma" my parent wont let me..Pet rabbit instead,then one by one the rabbit i pet suddenly died of unknown sickness..Now unofficially Lan got him himself a Cat (actually the cat belong to next house neighbours,but they seldomly feed it) and it usually hang out at Lan house and asking for food...we called it "Karim" following kuntom pet cat in japan...hahhaahaha....Karim have also become the guardian of my MarkER as it like to sleep under the car....
Karim Hussain...ekor belang-belang mcm raccoon hahaha

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MarkER For SALE!!

no its not me that selling...found the ads in ZTH...personally i think its a nice car with a reasonable price tag..but there are a few things that make the car look ugly...

fully loaded,accident free,not taxi base,body in perfect condition.
New paint(crystal white)
Serious buyer only..
asking for RM27000 NEG..
Engine:1JZ(M)2500cc twin turbo convert to single turbo(T3/T4)
Custom Intake ManifoldNissan Q45 80mm throttle body
Tial Wastegate
HKS type2
Standalone ECU(
Triniti Racing clutch3piece
OMONI meter+1 Apex'i Boost meter
Bosch Fuel pump
Custom aluminium fuel tank
Front modified Slyvia knuckle with cusco adjustable
Rear axle:standard with Kayaba SR special shock
Full BigWin Bodykit
18" Enkei sportRim
interest call 0122879727

1)the car height...onwer should slammed it a little bit coz with a BIG WIN bodykit..18inch wheel really look like a 16inch..
2)wheel fitment...offset...the car look sissy with that fitment and body (thanks to Joe40c for teaching me.. the Wheel Fitment King!!)
3)rear light..still maintaining the cressida light...dey,u can afford to change to single turbo and stand alone....cheap2 rear light cant buy aaa??
4)duck tail spoiler...if u look carefully the spoiler is not straighten in tail spoiler look nice on marker but this is not done nicely...

other than that its all okay....this is from my point of view...just my 0.40 sen hahahaha

Monday, October 27, 2008

kui kui kui its another weekend..

continue with the plan,install RCA and 4pot at HERIhomeGARAGE..after a few setback i finally manage to do it...thanks to all who were there helping and "lepaking" with me,Heri,Ipin,Lan and others..
we start off with RCA installation

where RCA is placed..(dont mind the mineral bottle..)

next is 4pot fitting and "how much washer spring must i put to make center"session haha

Rim can clear the course la its GTR offset

again pic with rim pinjam..
no progress regarding MarkER,went to Ijat soriyer wedding Tapah with DCM geng..and would like also to congrat my buddy from Uni days Shahrul DF a.k.a Janggut who also get married on the same day,sorry i cant make it..will try to come to ur wedding again on november.."Selamat Pengantin Baru"to both u guys and "Semoga berbahagia ke Akhir Hayat!!"

its la hahaha....i finally changed the MarkER door lock,so now markER is little safer than it used to...becoz since i bought the car,the door cannot be locked hehehe...

Friday, October 24, 2008

The KING of Slammed!!

It was during 2001-2003 Mitsuru Haruguchi named appeared in D1GP Japan..driving the only Madza RX7 FC that is totally slammed to the ground with a sick deep dish rims, huge GT-wing and insane wide body kit..competiting under team/tittle sponsor of BN Sports and 326 power (his owned company,but it was already closed down ages ago..) altough he didnt won any of D1 championship tittle,he is still a favourite and idol in the drifting scene..Soon after 2003,he retired from D1 and disappear..

Now,Haruguchi is still drifting,but in the U.S.A for Formula Drift with Team Falken Driving a Nissan Silvia RPS13..but what make him so special is when he is with the Yellow FC

(plz ignored the way he talks...hahahahah)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

matsu (wait) matte (plz wait)....

currently waiting for the weekend to install the 4pot and RCA,but first need to find the suitable"bolt,nuts and washer",coz i already dismantle the parts before,but end up putting the stock part back coz lack of this 3 thing...most of the MarkER job i do it myself at HeriHomeGarage,as Heri got his customer car to deal with,the only problem is im kinda slow at it,supposed it 30minute to get done,i might take an hour still learing and enjoying it....

change the colour to is so"brembo"ish and overated
"comot" patiently awaits...yeah yeah the rear seem is abit lower than the front...tyre profile issue...front is 225/45 and rear is 235/40
Heri also got his project car...a yellow KE70...back then the three of us (me,heri and one other fella) were kinda a team,same car,same that im outta the picture,they still move on with their KE70,with a new hole group of member with same badge of car...
Heri 4age arived at HHG,on monday...bugger got it kinda cheaper,rm3k full halfcut minus dashboard,front suspension,axle,tank and brake pump...other than that all go...
we call it the bat mobile (due to its slamm and long duck tail spoiler like the 86 hehe)


RCA is Roll Center Adjuster...(too lazy to write again)
check out this link
(its not for MarkII model review but its kinda give u an explaination on what is RCA and its function)

so since the aftermarket RCA for Marker is quite expensive(around Rm3++ not including shipping and other tax..Direct order from japan),so i decided to custome it with the help of a local machine shop near my place..

First up,need the old absorber for molding purposed

using manila card,and 1inch thick metal,shaped is cut using the heavy machinery

after skiping a few process,the shaped of the RCA is form and the hole for screw is drilled

closed up

the skiming machine,to shine the metal

this is how the RCA for Marker look...cost less than Rm200

1inch thick..

As the aftermarket RCA would use aluminium material instead of metal (for weight reason) i simply choose metal meterial becoz its cheaper and considering how heavy my Mark II is,what does a few kg gonna matters hehe....

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Bought it last night from a ZTH forummer,then this morning got someone else selling with more cheaper price....bugger!!!hahahhaha nevermind la....why nissan 4pot brake u may ask?becoz it cheaper than the toyota 4pot (mostly from supra model), easy to get and its Plug n Play when u install it to MarkER X80/81 hehe...if u seen Tezuka pink car,he also using 4pot from nissan and so do many other japanese jzx81 owner...

4pot From R32 GTS model (as the mention from the seller)

come with a thick brake pad also,so no need changing hehe

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


remember the JIC Magic suspension that i bought from Ah Chong MS Auto kepong,i finally have the time to install it in my markER..(the funny thing is people keep asking me to sell it just becoz i got another set of Tein suspension coming in soon...)..with the help of my friend Heri,(he is a foreman and own a little garage infront of his house called HHG a.k.a HeriHomeGarage),i manage to do it with asistant and guidence from him..

check out how big the stock absorber compare to the JIC

HHG at work..

Tadaa.....JIC with the stock brake..still no budget to buy nissan 4pot brake

finish product...

the height of the car now..only few inches from the ground

after setting the height for the car,i decided to take for the spin,and as much as i like the way the markER look after being slammed,i cant help it feeling hurt and sad everytime the car when over the speed bump,with the skretching sound the body make when touching the road surface....oh well i guess i will make it a little bit higher after i install the 1JZ engine coz for now i just wanna drive it that way..

SeiLok JZX80

the car belong to Rahim a.k.a Seilok..has always been private use car not an ex-taxi..previous engine is 4s (petrol) still maintaining the original X80 look,with the dark blue coloured,a 17inch AVS Model 7 wheel,and a JIC adjustable...but dont be fooled by its stock form,becoz inside its a 1jz gte engine manual (apehal??!!)

i only manage to take this exterior pic...

1jz gte

stock interior with digital meter

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the R32 4door warrior

Akinobu Satsukawa,not much info i found about him on the net...all i know his older brother and sister are also a drifter and driving R32 4door with the same blue colour..what interest me about Akinobu is the car..only power with Rb20DET with a little modification,easily 280hp(but when u see the way he drifted its like the car got 400hp)...becoz here in malaysia,its hard to obtain the kinda horse power from the Rb20det..Joe Dorifto Demon told me one of the strong reason is the japan they are using RON100,compare to us RON97..high quality of fuel plus addictive play a major role in incresing hp...

anyway enjoy the vid..(its quite funny actually when he say word like inter-koo-rer,alu-minum ratia-tor)