Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Dream of Cresta...

At first i dislike Cresta,due to its dull front and weird rear light...then i saw a picture of it with bodykit,instantly i fall in love...i dreamt when my markER project is finish,i would buy a Cresta,strip down the interior,dump RB20det in,put BIG WIN bodykit,paint the car black with spray can and whack the car for drifting....hahahahha....but then again it just a dream of mine...hehe

the car that capture my heart..

two tone black and silver
all black!

two tone with stripe...
A MarkER Companion..
when i was little i always wanted to own a cat...but due to my sister "asma" my parent wont let me..Pet rabbit instead,then one by one the rabbit i pet suddenly died of unknown sickness..Now unofficially Lan got him himself a Cat (actually the cat belong to next house neighbours,but they seldomly feed it) and it usually hang out at Lan house and asking for food...we called it "Karim" following kuntom pet cat in japan...hahhaahaha....Karim have also become the guardian of my MarkER as it like to sleep under the car....
Karim Hussain...ekor belang-belang mcm raccoon hahaha

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