Wednesday, October 15, 2008


remember the JIC Magic suspension that i bought from Ah Chong MS Auto kepong,i finally have the time to install it in my markER..(the funny thing is people keep asking me to sell it just becoz i got another set of Tein suspension coming in soon...)..with the help of my friend Heri,(he is a foreman and own a little garage infront of his house called HHG a.k.a HeriHomeGarage),i manage to do it with asistant and guidence from him..

check out how big the stock absorber compare to the JIC

HHG at work..

Tadaa.....JIC with the stock brake..still no budget to buy nissan 4pot brake

finish product...

the height of the car now..only few inches from the ground

after setting the height for the car,i decided to take for the spin,and as much as i like the way the markER look after being slammed,i cant help it feeling hurt and sad everytime the car when over the speed bump,with the skretching sound the body make when touching the road surface....oh well i guess i will make it a little bit higher after i install the 1JZ engine coz for now i just wanna drive it that way..

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