Friday, October 24, 2008

The KING of Slammed!!

It was during 2001-2003 Mitsuru Haruguchi named appeared in D1GP Japan..driving the only Madza RX7 FC that is totally slammed to the ground with a sick deep dish rims, huge GT-wing and insane wide body kit..competiting under team/tittle sponsor of BN Sports and 326 power (his owned company,but it was already closed down ages ago..) altough he didnt won any of D1 championship tittle,he is still a favourite and idol in the drifting scene..Soon after 2003,he retired from D1 and disappear..

Now,Haruguchi is still drifting,but in the U.S.A for Formula Drift with Team Falken Driving a Nissan Silvia RPS13..but what make him so special is when he is with the Yellow FC

(plz ignored the way he talks...hahahahah)

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