Monday, October 27, 2008

kui kui kui its another weekend..

continue with the plan,install RCA and 4pot at HERIhomeGARAGE..after a few setback i finally manage to do it...thanks to all who were there helping and "lepaking" with me,Heri,Ipin,Lan and others..
we start off with RCA installation

where RCA is placed..(dont mind the mineral bottle..)

next is 4pot fitting and "how much washer spring must i put to make center"session haha

Rim can clear the course la its GTR offset

again pic with rim pinjam..
no progress regarding MarkER,went to Ijat soriyer wedding Tapah with DCM geng..and would like also to congrat my buddy from Uni days Shahrul DF a.k.a Janggut who also get married on the same day,sorry i cant make it..will try to come to ur wedding again on november.."Selamat Pengantin Baru"to both u guys and "Semoga berbahagia ke Akhir Hayat!!"

its la hahaha....i finally changed the MarkER door lock,so now markER is little safer than it used to...becoz since i bought the car,the door cannot be locked hehehe...

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