Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MarkER For SALE!!

no its not me that selling...found the ads in ZTH...personally i think its a nice car with a reasonable price tag..but there are a few things that make the car look ugly...

fully loaded,accident free,not taxi base,body in perfect condition.
New paint(crystal white)
Serious buyer only..
asking for RM27000 NEG..
Engine:1JZ(M)2500cc twin turbo convert to single turbo(T3/T4)
Custom Intake ManifoldNissan Q45 80mm throttle body
Tial Wastegate
HKS type2
Standalone ECU(http://www.adaptronic.com.au/)
Triniti Racing clutch3piece
OMONI meter+1 Apex'i Boost meter
Bosch Fuel pump
Custom aluminium fuel tank
Front modified Slyvia knuckle with cusco adjustable
Rear axle:standard with Kayaba SR special shock
Full BigWin Bodykit
18" Enkei sportRim
interest call 0122879727

1)the car height...onwer should slammed it a little bit coz with a BIG WIN bodykit..18inch wheel really look like a 16inch..
2)wheel fitment...offset...the car look sissy with that fitment and body (thanks to Joe40c for teaching me.. the Wheel Fitment King!!)
3)rear light..still maintaining the cressida light...dey,u can afford to change to single turbo and stand alone....cheap2 rear light cant buy aaa??
4)duck tail spoiler...if u look carefully the spoiler is not straighten in line...duck tail spoiler look nice on marker but this is not done nicely...

other than that its all okay....this is from my point of view...just my 0.40 sen hahahaha

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