Wednesday, October 29, 2008

R154 vs W58

^^this not Handphone model ok hahaha

a good link to compare between R154 (jz gte= turbo version) and W58 (jz ge= NA version) manual gearbox..

why is this important??


first of all Toyota didnt produce a manual gearbox for Jzx81,(all are auto)...the one that u see on a jzx81 halfcut is modify by the japanese user..

second, the a major different between R154 and W58 when used on 1jz or 2jz gte engine is the ratio..example if u used W58 on a 1jz gte engine,the torque would be great,but when it came to top,it feel like the engine still got power,but the gearbox has reach its i heard from someone using the w58 on 1z gte,the gearbox makes a loud humming noise when reaching 180km/h,when we all know 1jz gte pontencial is more than that...the result of pushing the limit might cost u a new gearbox..coz W58 couldnt with stand the pressure produce from the 1jz gte..

the saddest thing about JZ series Manual gearbox whether its R154 or W58 its hard to find here in boleh having to compete with our neighbour Thailand in getting it make it more difficult (Thailand loves the JZ engine for Drag used) and NISSAN owners who prefer JZ engine compare to the make thing worse these gearbox aint cheap...around rm2500 - rm3000 gearbox only...doesnt include clutchplate,flywhell,and other stuff...

additional info

1g ge = 2.0 na/normally aspirated
1g gte = 2.0cc twin turbo
1g gze = 2.0cc supercharger

1jz gte = 2.5cc twin turbo
2jz gte = 3.0cc twin turbo
1.5jz gte = 3.0cc twin turbo a "rojak" combination between 2j block and 1jz head...(like tezuka pink jzx81)

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