Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the R32 4door warrior

Akinobu Satsukawa,not much info i found about him on the net...all i know his older brother and sister are also a drifter and driving R32 4door with the same blue colour..what interest me about Akinobu is the car..only power with Rb20DET with a little modification,easily 280hp(but when u see the way he drifted its like the car got 400hp)...becoz here in malaysia,its hard to obtain the kinda horse power from the Rb20det..Joe Dorifto Demon told me one of the strong reason is the fuel..in japan they are using RON100,compare to us RON97..high quality of fuel plus addictive play a major role in incresing hp...

anyway enjoy the vid..(its quite funny actually when he say word like inter-koo-rer,alu-minum ratia-tor)

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mryms said...

Copy and paste the code at the 'EDIT HTML'.not at the compose. coz it will not appear on it. after u publish post and view blog baru video tu kluar.