Tuesday, October 21, 2008


RCA is Roll Center Adjuster...(too lazy to write again)
check out this link
(its not for MarkII model review but its kinda give u an explaination on what is RCA and its function)


so since the aftermarket RCA for Marker is quite expensive(around Rm3++ not including shipping and other tax..Direct order from japan),so i decided to custome it with the help of a local machine shop near my place..

First up,need the old absorber for molding purposed

using manila card,and 1inch thick metal,shaped is cut using the heavy machinery

after skiping a few process,the shaped of the RCA is form and the hole for screw is drilled

closed up

the skiming machine,to shine the metal

this is how the RCA for Marker look...cost less than Rm200

1inch thick..

As the aftermarket RCA would use aluminium material instead of metal (for weight reason) i simply choose metal meterial becoz its cheaper and considering how heavy my Mark II is,what does a few kg gonna matters hehe....

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