Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nissan inside a Kids-Heart...

Been browsing Tezuka blog for sometimes..he always posted this white r34 rebuild process..at first i thought its his customer car..(me too lazy to translate from japanese to english..hahaha) until i saw a picture of a koyo radiator inside the white car engine bay with tezuka name on it(powered by RB25 anyway)..this car will be used by Tezuka for D1 Street Legal event..he was able to score third place in the D1 Street Legal Rd.6 at Sekia Hills (sources from speedhunters)..i think (or maybe to replace the yellow R324 in D1GP)..so what's gonna happen to the gold R34 4doors he used for other event??beats me...he got way too many cars for Drifting..all i know he still keept his pink JzX81 a.k.a Freedom spec at his garage..he said its too precious and too many memory to be sold off..

i like it in white
nice arse and decal..
Special made for Tezuka by KOYORAD..huhuhu

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