Monday, November 17, 2008

Prince in the Bull Fights..

Our P.O.D (prince of drift) Tengku Djan went to State's last Weekend for Red Bull Drifting World Championship..he loss in the best 16 to Sam Hubinette..anyway its a good job representing Malaysia against the world in Drifting...kudos to u...
the top 3 winner are..
hmmm why all are american...
for full report and coverage on the event u can check out

My Fellow JZX81 owners are also spotted in the event...
Crazy Smoking bad ass...Ben Broke Smith a.k.a Bon Bon ok UK from
sadly the car have problems with steering pump and cant smoke his way out...eliminated in the first round of best 16 to Darren McNamara..
Fellow american with MX83 Cressida from and

Amir of Houston

From Arizona..
too bad Daigo Saito couldnt make to this event...

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