Monday, November 17, 2008

welcome back my frens...

its been almost 6month and for some a year,since i last saw them in action...the time for hibernating and upgrading their cars is almost now there are back...will be terrorizing event some of the pic of their car and mods during their time out from drifting
(picture are taken before the upgrade process)

Nick a.k.a Nick Gad!
Toyota Mz141= engine upgrade,new MZ facelift,new paint

Joe666 a.k.a Gaban (daddy cool)
Silvia S14=engine upgrade,bodywork,strengthen & lighten

Amat Dx
Toyota KE70=body work,strengthen & lighten,new paint

Din Nismo a.k.a Din Glamoures
Nissan Skyfiro = engine upgrade,bodywork,strengthen & lighten,new paint

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