Thursday, December 4, 2008

Awaiting Approval & news from far away

funny thing is i been following the forum for almost 2 years now..but i havent register to become their members up until last week..(still waiting approval)to avoid spambot the registeration have been tighter than before..we first have to sent e-mail to moderator and have to wait 7 working days for the application to be process...then only the mod give us the nickname and password..if they accept me as their members...argh cant wait to start posting there hehe...

just ym-ing with kuntom,he sent me picture of he & his gang drifting at Oita Autopolis!!but they have to stop drifting at the place for the moment becoz of the snow is arriving hehe..

the criminal vehicle....errr i meant drifters!

kuntom 180sx
cantik interkoorer bang hehe...

wargh!!!!! r32 4doors!!!!!!i wanT!!!
Tori san c35 laurel (nick say it Laoo rell)


see how small the car look in the pic...thats a really a big place to play!!
not much of drifting picture but its still fun to see...thanks kuntom hehe!

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