Thursday, December 18, 2008

Few news from the hunters!

i would like to say alot of thanks to and all its crew for a superb job they been doin all this is one of my fav site for a long-long time...keep up the good job..

here some news from their site

Street Style at msc honjo

alot of cool cars like team magician JZX110,hundred tu seratos ek a.k.a Jzx100,90 and 70....but sadly no 81

wanna know what is Koguchi Power,speedhunters visit the Man himself and his pride shop

more story and pic

News of the Devil Z coming to the Big Screen..from the creator of the world famous anime Initial D comes, Wangan Midnight the movie...the only question is when is the debut?

more story and pic

and finally the news about this wicked C33 Laurel especially for amat_dx

more story and news

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