Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dancing in the Hills...

its been a while since i drive my own car and when uphill to the city of entertainment..back then i used to drive the KE70 there even before i swapped to 4age..it was fun not just becoz of drifting or touge-ing but for the ride itself..the thing i remember the most till these day is when the times were goin downhill and Joe40c 180sx was in front of my car overtaking a yellow satria and started drifting,as i was side by side with the satria,i managed to look inside and see this couple was stunned,and the girlfriend was cheering and claping her hand seeing the silvia 180sx doin sideways and the boyfriend have a weird look in his face...cursing maybe...hahahaha those were the day i tell ya....

the first thing im gonna do when Jyu get his new heart,we'll go "naik bukit"....along with all dcm PDCU (Pasukan Drift Cempedak Ulung), Pisang Kontot members and "budak-budak bukit" hahaha...

Ijat, joe Gaban and benz

al0ng rempit (silver shirt) jai (black jacket) and mahfuz (red shirt)

my Ke70 with the cefiro..

Sunday, January 25, 2009


South East Asia (SEA) Motorworks located Seapark KL is a specialist of 1Jz engine for 4x4 vehicle..this is the place where Man RcDrifter swap his Cresta engine and koopang maintance his Ex markER..the boss of the workshop also owned a X80 already equipped with 1jz gte and currently in a process of changing the tranny from auto to manual (apehal!!)

nice AVS5 wheel

Rear Rim for the AVS 5 is estimated around 10inch wide....wow wow wow

GK 910 BuluBird...

"Gila Kuasa" is best suited for the car and the owner...this car is estimated around 370hp on the dyno test... Jai sure have done alot of research on the performance parts and spend a lot of dime on his ride..but why spend it on a BuluBird??with his salary easily he can get a car from Silvia family...something that only Jai knows hehe...

the Tanker BuluBird..wide body with almost 2inch spacer..isk isk isk

SR20DET "Bongkok"(VTC like vtec engine) from S14...i forgot what turbo he using HKS....

interior with rollcage

gadget and useful meter

custom surge tank and merc fuel pump

Re-visit Conflict Tuning

Part One
Part Two

When around ampang area and spotted Din's car still at workshop...but this time its almost finished,and we will see it on the road soon enough

X80 with X90 dashboard,nice ek...but considering the amount of time spend installing it,i rather stick with the stock dash....hehehe maroon seat..din said its temporary...hhehehe.

close up...Din called the screw on the side "Harley Davidson Style"

1jz from X90...with aluminium piping and a Hks Blow off

GTR size "Works" Intercooler placed in the middle of the plate number holder

2009...the return of 40 cent!!

after a setback for almost 2years..the owner of the white fender 180sx Dorifto Demon a.k.a Joe 40c is finally getting ready to finished up the car and drift again (hopefully) ,a total make over he said...he is also really looking forward for this year Kl campus invasion (Uitm,Ukm,and Uia) starting with Uitm Shah Alam on the 22/02/09...

the glory days

still on the jack stand...during a visit to his crib last week..i managed to snap a few photo..currently joe 40c is doin a major rewiring to out the car...

Sr20 Blacktop

nothing inside but wiring

im not sure of the spec but i will update u guys later aight...hehe

hurry up and finished up ur car as the dateline is slowly arriving and our pray is with u...

Jzx81@Kazama Tsukuba Drift Event - Sept 2008

Spotted this cool JZX81....thanks to Wrecked magazine...

Brown MarkER

Ok-abe Cresta

chasing chaaaser

blue markER

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Dream Of Cresta Part II....

i only know the Driver name is Okabe..and the car is Auto (apehal!!)...why automatic tranny u ask.....its becoz the driver is a disable person..compare to the Weld red JZX100 Cresta (owner happen to be disable also) that is equipped with custom parts to help the owner drift better...Okabe jzx81 is mostly stock for the interior...
in the December 08 issue of Doriten,they done a test around the track to clock who got the fastest entry speed between 10 drifters...guess what number Okabe got...if im not mistaken its number 4th or 5th with entry speed around 120km/h (no.1 is no other than the king of 180sx, Koguchi!!with 140km/h)

2tone,big-win kit,and "rim mangkok bertingkat"hahaha

sticker of his name,the stuff he used and those who sponsored him

the man himself with junior hehe...

still think auto cant drift??think again hahaha(apehal!!!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Every Year Its get older...

Produced in 1993..the sm4 have been with my family for sometimes now..making it the same age of 16year old kid..when the new years come,it started to aged and so does it need to be maintance...yesterday,i asked my dad to sent it to workshop to check the "wheel bearing" as the car been making loud humming noise when cruising..after that settle,the "pomen" and my dad take it for a test drive,come back...only to find out that the alternator bearing and water pump "kong"..might as well change the timing belt and a few oil seal..its like a plague with Honda cars..u fix this one thing and the other thing broken so on and so on...last year also the same,i dont remember whats the problem with the car but its "rosak" laa....never the less i still love the sm4,as its the first car that i modded..plus it have contribute big deeds to me and my family..

old pic with jdm front bumper,sv4 lips and 16inch enkei RS...now using usdm wagon front bumper,stock sm4 lips and 16inch Super Advan Racing

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

something from green and yellow state..

it came today...i know i supposed to saved the money for the engine...but i cant resist...must buy hahaha

a delivery direct from Kedah

R32/A31 handbrake..thanks to Malau A31 of DCM

gonna mod the handbrake like the white jzx81 below hehe...
but have to keep it first as i am really busy right now...

first stage of guidence

every car enthusiast must have a bench mark of what they wanna their car to be and look like...here is what i have in mind for my markER...for stage one before the body kit and paint...btw this car last time was on sale at www.powervehicles.com

a nice of 17inch wheels,roll fender,slammed,front mount intercooler,and most important is the r32 gtr lips (Farking expensive,the lips cost almost rm200)

rear is mostly stock,

engine bay,1 jz with single turbo,and alot of aftermarket parts hehe

complete set of gauge and meter,rollcage,r32 handbrake (i think?) and red and black checkerboard carpet (this carpet also cost the bomb..almost rm3++ at auction japan)

full bucket on the driver side and semi for the passenger

hopefully i can get it done like on the pic hehe

Monday, January 12, 2009

the suuuuweeeteest 100!!

During 2009 Tokyo Auto salon 2009.... text and pic thanks to speedhunters.com

Finally, one of my favorite cars from the entire show, the BN Sports Type M JZX100 Mark II. The outside is of course dominated by the full BN Sports Type M aero kit and the aggressive color-matched Work wheels sized 19" in the front 20" in the rear. There's a cage in the car, but the interior is complete with navigation and other luxuries

Under the hood is a 2JZGTE with a single HKS T51R turbine. Power is said to be 1000ps! The 'mission is a six speed and Supra brakes help to slow it down.

A full interior, 1000ps JZX100 tucking 19's and 20's. I don't think it gets any better than this...

This is why I love Auto Salon!

-Mike Garrett

welcome new brid....

the unveiling of daigo saito 2009 mustang and Ueno 2009 bmw

we can only see this mustang debut on mac at ebisu circuit...cant for that...wanna see how he handle the car compare to the jzx100

no more the famous vertex red colour scheme...

im gonna miss the 2 toyota, the Jzx100 mark II and the Jzz30 soarer....huhu

thanks to wrecked magazine,for more pic of the car and news

Sunday, January 11, 2009

the problemo with the metal...

last night after driving around town with Jyu like a its equipped with 1jz hahaha...cant help my self to check the all the bolt n nuts whether there are still intact...only to find out the RCA and the bolt are rusted already...!@#$% i should have spray the RCA first with clear paint....now have to find free time to open the bugger,spray it and change the rusted bolt...haih....im too damn busy at the moment...another thing that i noticed my battery holder was missing...maybe it fell of while im driving...luckly the cable are there to support the battery from falling....hahaha sometimes i think my car is falling apart faster than i can restore it hehe....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bapak X80 Mark II

first of all,dont ask me why he's name is bapak..hehehe maybe he got a dad look?hehe..bapak is actually a friend of Burn lancer,he just bought a LX80 and quickly swap the motor with 1jz auto transmition (remember the halfcut that i wanted to buy,this is it hehe...)overall i think they did a got a conversion job..compare to my MarkER,the car is well maintain by the previous owner..from the paint and interior...its waaaaaaayy better than mine hahaha...never the less Bapak car have some problem with its idling last night...a quick call to the prez and koopang said its maybe becoz of the dirt at the throttle body or some hose might be leaking...its not such a big deal..bapak will sent it to the workshop on monday..i have the pleasure of testing the car...(not drifting la just cruising hehe) deng,i can feel the power it make from the twin turbo which is really2 nice despite the idling issue and auto gearbox...its soo fast getting to 100km/h...want to go faster but i was scared if anything happen since its not my car hahahaha...quickly i want 1jz for jyu!!!!!!!

at Tajmah sunway...wanted to snap more pic but the battery kong la plak haha

do ur part!



i have done my part..how bout u??

P/s: eh kuntom apsal chat box ko tak bleh pakai??hahaha

Thursday, January 8, 2009

time to say goodbye..

Is a starting of 2009,despite the economic down fall,the Drifting Industry is also effected in term of sponsorship.. other than that is all good and a few big name in Drifting are getting ready for their new rides..among the name are

1) Ben Broke Smith a.k.a BonBon..UK Europe Drift Championship (UK) ..

Previous rides: Driftworks Toyota JZX81 Chaser

(and its For sale: http://www.driftworks.com/articles/The-Driftworks-560bhp-JZX81-Chaser-FOR-SALE,56.html plus he claims its the best JZX81 in the world....wow..even better then Tezuka JZX81 )

New Rides: Driftworks R32

2) Daigo Saito .. D1Gp Japan

Previous rides: Mybrans Toyota JZX100 ( http://translate.google.com.my/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.k5.dion.ne.jp%2F~daigo-s%2F&sl=ja&tl=en&hl=en&ie=UTF-8 )

New Rides: 2009 Mustang

3) Takahiro Ueno D1Gp Japan

Previous Rides: Vertex T & E Toyota JZZ30 Soarer http://www.vertex-usa.com/news-and-info/end-of-an-era-takahiro-ueno-says-goodbye-to-the-vertex-d1-soarer.html

New Rides: BMW 335i

4) Nobushige Kumakubo D1Gp Japan

Previous Rides: Mitsubishi Evolution 9

New Rides: Mitsubishi Evolution X ( http://www.drift.com.my/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30124&highlight= )

From my point of view i think their cars has finally reached its limit...and its time to enter the next level of Drifting that is more speed and tactical....hmmm now drifting have really gone technical compare to the early day of it..the other reason is sponsorship and marketing..example like in Ueno case,he's the owner of Vertex,by using continental cars,maybe his strategy is to promote and sell his bodykit product to the european market..finally what ever the reason,drifting supposed to be a fun spectator sports even if politic and drama decided to crash in...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

same car??


spotted this pic at DCM just now..it was during SDC at melaka..curious could this be the same car from soon yeen, the one that is for sale last time...

what do u think??im about 99% percent sure its the same car..why do i say that becoz check out the vented hood,the bodykit,arches and the front rims..if yes, then who is the owner?still awaiting my reply at DCM on this matter hehe

edited: got the answer already..the owner/driver is Chong Hon Kiek from Soon Yeen Auto

Sunday, January 4, 2009


monkey magic a.k.a nomuken interview Toru Inose Driver for "Friends Racing" Toyota Aristo 1000hp...fuh.....look at the smoke it make!!no subtitle...just watch it hehe...

and this funny video of toru wearing a wrestling mask hahaha

Aristo is a cool ride...Djan have one,so does Taniguchi,Orido and the latest i heard from kuntom is no other the legendary AE86 drifter Katsuhiro Ueo...yerp...kuntom saw him tearing up sekia hills track with the aristo...hmmm could it be the next dorif machine for him??we'll to wait and see hehe

Saturday, January 3, 2009

1st anniversary.......

into the sky....movin fwrd..

3/1/08,time pass by so fast....its been a year already....
yesterday while having lunch,my office mate spotted my KE70 pic inside my phone...he asked me what happen,and i told him about the accident at "bukit puchong" flyover last year around 11++ pm...he said 2 years ago on 31/08/07 his brother also had an accident at the same exact location and almost at the same time...his brother only start working as bus conductor for 3 days...on the night the accident happen he was otw back from working with the bus driver,then suddenly the bus lost control(some shaft broke) and hit the flyover,his brother swing off the bus and got crushed between the flyover and the bus...sadly he didnt make it,he died on the spot...there was nothing the bus driver can do as he is in shocked and stunned....similar to my case the KE70 rear wheel tire fell out due to loose nut that lock the rims...

what got me thinking is i heard so many accident happen at that spot..if u noticed the date, mine is on 3/1/2008 and my friends brother is on 31/8/07....purely coincident....if u asked me i would say that everything happen for a reason...a reason only Allah all mighty knows...

and finally Al Fatihah to my friends brother..even i dont knew him but it feel like we share something in common...