Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009...the return of 40 cent!!

after a setback for almost 2years..the owner of the white fender 180sx Dorifto Demon a.k.a Joe 40c is finally getting ready to finished up the car and drift again (hopefully) ,a total make over he said...he is also really looking forward for this year Kl campus invasion (Uitm,Ukm,and Uia) starting with Uitm Shah Alam on the 22/02/09...

the glory days

still on the jack stand...during a visit to his crib last week..i managed to snap a few photo..currently joe 40c is doin a major rewiring to out the car...

Sr20 Blacktop

nothing inside but wiring

im not sure of the spec but i will update u guys later aight...hehe

hurry up and finished up ur car as the dateline is slowly arriving and our pray is with u...

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