Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bapak X80 Mark II

first of all,dont ask me why he's name is bapak..hehehe maybe he got a dad look?hehe..bapak is actually a friend of Burn lancer,he just bought a LX80 and quickly swap the motor with 1jz auto transmition (remember the halfcut that i wanted to buy,this is it hehe...)overall i think they did a got a conversion to my MarkER,the car is well maintain by the previous owner..from the paint and interior...its waaaaaaayy better than mine hahaha...never the less Bapak car have some problem with its idling last night...a quick call to the prez and koopang said its maybe becoz of the dirt at the throttle body or some hose might be leaking...its not such a big deal..bapak will sent it to the workshop on monday..i have the pleasure of testing the car...(not drifting la just cruising hehe) deng,i can feel the power it make from the twin turbo which is really2 nice despite the idling issue and auto gearbox...its soo fast getting to 100km/h...want to go faster but i was scared if anything happen since its not my car hahahaha...quickly i want 1jz for jyu!!!!!!!

at Tajmah sunway...wanted to snap more pic but the battery kong la plak haha


Amar Gencos said...

emm..sabar bob..xlame dah tu..ur time will come..sikit2 lama2 siap ar tu..hehehhe..pasti terpikir2 smpai tdo ni..ek ek?


mark2 ko pun sematla..ada lg huduh dr ko nye 8081

singbluesiliver said...

hmmm...sampai tu mmg sampai tapi agak lambat la....mark II aku semmarkkk,ko tgk dari gambo,kalau ko tgk live mcm *tuut*hahahahah