Thursday, January 22, 2009

Every Year Its get older...

Produced in 1993..the sm4 have been with my family for sometimes now..making it the same age of 16year old kid..when the new years come,it started to aged and so does it need to be maintance...yesterday,i asked my dad to sent it to workshop to check the "wheel bearing" as the car been making loud humming noise when cruising..after that settle,the "pomen" and my dad take it for a test drive,come back...only to find out that the alternator bearing and water pump "kong"..might as well change the timing belt and a few oil seal..its like a plague with Honda cars..u fix this one thing and the other thing broken so on and so on...last year also the same,i dont remember whats the problem with the car but its "rosak" laa....never the less i still love the sm4,as its the first car that i it have contribute big deeds to me and my family..

old pic with jdm front bumper,sv4 lips and 16inch enkei using usdm wagon front bumper,stock sm4 lips and 16inch Super Advan Racing

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