Wednesday, January 14, 2009

first stage of guidence

every car enthusiast must have a bench mark of what they wanna their car to be and look is what i have in mind for my markER...for stage one before the body kit and paint...btw this car last time was on sale at

a nice of 17inch wheels,roll fender,slammed,front mount intercooler,and most important is the r32 gtr lips (Farking expensive,the lips cost almost rm200)

rear is mostly stock,

engine bay,1 jz with single turbo,and alot of aftermarket parts hehe

complete set of gauge and meter,rollcage,r32 handbrake (i think?) and red and black checkerboard carpet (this carpet also cost the bomb..almost rm3++ at auction japan)

full bucket on the driver side and semi for the passenger

hopefully i can get it done like on the pic hehe

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