Thursday, January 8, 2009

time to say goodbye..

Is a starting of 2009,despite the economic down fall,the Drifting Industry is also effected in term of sponsorship.. other than that is all good and a few big name in Drifting are getting ready for their new rides..among the name are

1) Ben Broke Smith a.k.a BonBon..UK Europe Drift Championship (UK) ..

Previous rides: Driftworks Toyota JZX81 Chaser

(and its For sale:,56.html plus he claims its the best JZX81 in the better then Tezuka JZX81 )

New Rides: Driftworks R32

2) Daigo Saito .. D1Gp Japan

Previous rides: Mybrans Toyota JZX100 ( )

New Rides: 2009 Mustang

3) Takahiro Ueno D1Gp Japan

Previous Rides: Vertex T & E Toyota JZZ30 Soarer

New Rides: BMW 335i

4) Nobushige Kumakubo D1Gp Japan

Previous Rides: Mitsubishi Evolution 9

New Rides: Mitsubishi Evolution X ( )

From my point of view i think their cars has finally reached its limit...and its time to enter the next level of Drifting that is more speed and tactical....hmmm now drifting have really gone technical compare to the early day of it..the other reason is sponsorship and marketing..example like in Ueno case,he's the owner of Vertex,by using continental cars,maybe his strategy is to promote and sell his bodykit product to the european market..finally what ever the reason,drifting supposed to be a fun spectator sports even if politic and drama decided to crash in...

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