Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tribute to B324R

He maybe not as famous as Orido or Taniguchi,but Tsuyoshi Tezuka have come a long way even before D1 one era, he's also the early drifter who started drifting with super angle along side Koguchi and Haruguchi.. If Daigo Saito is the Icon for Jzx90 and Jzx100, Tezuka is the person responsible for bringing up Jzx81 to the international drift scene..if u dont believed me,u can ask any hardcore fan of jzx81,surely somehow his name would pop-up... Enough about the Jzx, and moving to the machine that have served him for a quite some time now,and sadly now is put to rest the B324R (Bee Racing R32 + 34 Facelift)...and till these day is the only GTR in the D1gp...with the legendary powerful heart Rb26dett under the hood,(not sure of the spec)its still stay strong competing in the next level of drifting...
super angle,what did i tell u hahahahah

from the poster,can u spot something that is ultra cool??
the Gt wing are grinding the side wall of Ebisu Track,this show just how mad Tezuka drive his car
Skyline have always been my all time favourite car (second is Jzx100!! of course hahaha) ..either its 2 door or 4 door,gtr or gts as long is a R32.... to tell ya the truth im not a fans of R33 or 34... they just dont have the strong aura like the R32 hehehe..but then again is just one man opinion hehehe..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monster perfecting

i first met Mahfuz and his car was back in 2006 when he organize the first KE70 TT at s.alam..he would drive up from Perak just to meet us..back then he was the president for the club,i still remember his car,slammed to the ground, running with 4k engine and little help of weber,he drifted the ke70 like it was using a 4age engine..sadly the engine has reach its limit,and its time for him to move on,to a new er heart...

a nissan SR20n/a is the ultimate choice for his ride,and what a good place to test the performance of the car other than at uitm...after a few run,the car are likely to understeer due to a soft front suspension..Upon my arrival there,Mahfuz handed me the car keys and asked me to take it for spin inside the track,but i refused...(im scared,its been a while since i last drifted a car and with powerful engine inside,i didnt want to take any chances)maybe next time in a wide open space car park not during an event hehehe....

Uitm 09 Dori

held at Padang Kawat Uitm Shah Alam,co-organize by Feinto-D and Sync Optima,up to 50 drifter joining for this free run event...rain started pouring as early as 3pm until the event ended at 6pm..my personal review of this event,too many participant and small track to play around...other than that is okay and i have a blast there,owh btw spotted a markER but didnt manage to take a pic

with boy tetek,amad n selamat,and mr and mrs gaban..
(pic kinda sucked as im still figuring out how to use my new SE G700)

for more picture check out Drift.com.my

Friday, February 20, 2009

im B 4 usy

some of u might know that i been really busy this weekend as im changing to a new job,and now currently staying in Shah Alam...but i will be back to my home at Kajang for the weekend (hopefully)...as for Jyu,i leaved as it is for now,until i got enough cash and free time to continue rebuilding it..moving on here some pic of last week activities..

Rare item can u spot what is the item?

its a 2way LSD for jzx81 but too bad it is not for sale,the Boss of Seapark Auto gonna install it to his marker along with a manual gearbox..hmmm for drift purpose maybe??

Faded wording....fuh.....it seem like the final gear is still in stock form...

went to visit Joe40c..bad news as the 180sx cannot make it for Uitm event,as Joe have other comitment,its okay as long as it is finished...so take your time..

Joe40c applying the undercoat for the interior...

it already looked nice ek?...

then he apply a second coat of silver paint,making it shining and look interesting...deng!!its nice,why la i choose to paint my interior black...hmmmm

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the "R" family

the generation of skyline...missing the "Prince" a.k.a Kpgc10 and R31.....deng see how big the R35

Seeing Bride

drool time....

at Osaka Naniwaya Bride Showroom

the 110 of Friends

From the Guys that bring u 1000hp Aristo,Friends Racing a.k.a Friends-power.com recently have came out with a Wangan Spec 1200hp Jzx110 MarkII,using a 2jz engine (stroker kit 3.1cc) 6 speed transmission with TD06 25G Turbine..reaching a top speed of 349.8km/h on wangan driven by no other than Toru Inose!!

scanned from Doriten

i wonder how 1200hp feels like....hmmm

Previously they also build a JZS161 Aristo,2jz 3.1cc, T88-38GK Turbine estimating 900hp..with top speed 327.9km/h on wangan..

what next for them??we'll just have to wait and see hehe

Rob RoadsterDrift


first of all i would like to thanks to my buddy Apai @ Faio for wasting his time and making me this design of mark II using Adobe...i really appreciated it..its just for fun becoz i seldom see a two tone markER with bodykit here in our boleh land..hehe and too bad i dont know how to use Adobe Photoshop....its look like fun though....hehe anyway thanks again bro....

no background

2 tone with big win bodykit

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2 of a kind


remember the gold r34 4 doors that belong to Tsuyoshi Tezuka,its look like he have synchronize the colour,stripe and rims to match the r34 2 doors....

During Kidsheart promotion at Autobacs

twin drift

Monday, February 9, 2009

Super Angle!!!

this is why i like Daigo Sakaito!!!!err i meant Daigo saito hahahahah

super duper angle!!!!entry speed at 149km/h topping out 204lkm/h crazy speed

if u looked at the last video,the person beside Orido thinks he gonna spins and crash hahahaha

this is also wicked by Tezuka!!!in his first gen Jzx81 (before changes the colour to pink)


X7 is an older brother of X8...this model is alot here...also taxi based...in japan often used as a Bosuzoku type car (slammed with 15inch rims and loud exhaust)

first look kinda re-assemble like 86 levin

still acceptable....imagine it with 1jz inside hahahaha

from speedhunters


less then 30days from now...



my Tein is coming home next month...just got a conformation from kuntom,that he will be passing the stuff to his friends since he extend his stay at the land of the rising sun...anyway best of luck and thanks again :-)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

unexpected owner?

just browsing jzxproject and found this.... i didnt know Tanaka from Team Orange owned a Jzx81....honestly im not a fan of him,kumakubo or the whole Team Orange,nothing interesting,but the fact that Ebisu Circuit belongs to kumakubo and he like to turn 4wd drive car into a drift machine...

lastly...kuntom can u plz translate this for me?hahahaha

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jzx81 only meeting

scanned from the ancient issue of Doriten....i cant remember what year its from,maybe 05 or 06..

the leader for this meeting is no other Jzx81 king mr.Tsuyoshi Tezuka

take ur pick

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Transporter..

yosh!!,i just got back from outstation at perlis last week...its was really fun but tiring....for this journey the management decided to use van instead..yeah yeah i know van is not in a "car" but its still consider a vehicle,and i like them hahaha.first is a 12 seater Toyota hi-ace 2.7cc with vvti..(damn this bugger is fast...easily can clocked up 180km/h within second) and another one is a 6 seater Nissan Serena 2.0 with Cvt (hehe i have the chance of driving it on the way back and all i can say is the abs suck and due to its non aero-dynamic,it tends to swing around when drving fast...other than that its all good)

serena and hi-ace hehe

here is non-car related pic....during my stay at perlis

the place i staying for the weekend Putra Brasmana Hotel at Kuala Perlis near the Jetty

comfy room...for a budget hotel its consider a okay

sunset view from my room....nice ek...