Thursday, February 12, 2009

the 110 of Friends

From the Guys that bring u 1000hp Aristo,Friends Racing a.k.a recently have came out with a Wangan Spec 1200hp Jzx110 MarkII,using a 2jz engine (stroker kit 3.1cc) 6 speed transmission with TD06 25G Turbine..reaching a top speed of 349.8km/h on wangan driven by no other than Toru Inose!!

scanned from Doriten

i wonder how 1200hp feels like....hmmm

Previously they also build a JZS161 Aristo,2jz 3.1cc, T88-38GK Turbine estimating 900hp..with top speed 327.9km/h on wangan..

what next for them??we'll just have to wait and see hehe

Rob RoadsterDrift

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