Monday, February 2, 2009

The Transporter..

yosh!!,i just got back from outstation at perlis last week...its was really fun but tiring....for this journey the management decided to use van instead..yeah yeah i know van is not in a "car" but its still consider a vehicle,and i like them hahaha.first is a 12 seater Toyota hi-ace 2.7cc with vvti..(damn this bugger is fast...easily can clocked up 180km/h within second) and another one is a 6 seater Nissan Serena 2.0 with Cvt (hehe i have the chance of driving it on the way back and all i can say is the abs suck and due to its non aero-dynamic,it tends to swing around when drving fast...other than that its all good)

serena and hi-ace hehe

here is non-car related pic....during my stay at perlis

the place i staying for the weekend Putra Brasmana Hotel at Kuala Perlis near the Jetty

comfy room...for a budget hotel its consider a okay

sunset view from my room....nice ek...

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