Saturday, March 28, 2009

Demon Hole Jzx90!!

nope this not Dorifto Demons..the name is Luke a.k.a Geki Minihux from ....but one thing for sure, he does have the same ideology like our mr.40cent..

from this..

to this...

"Having zero respect for your car or its aero is a nice luxury in Japan." Luke

and this..


and especially this!!!

the Luke identity


he also quoted
"For anyone that has ever owned a stock turbo JZX you would know these things are not smoke machines which you see all plastered over the internet, they are heavy cars and the standard turbos blow ass and have zero power after 5000rpm. They need power and its something this car will get next year when the drifting season starts again, 500hp here i come!"

for more info about the car built up, spec and more picture

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the broken warrior.....

Daigo Saito jzx90 fun ride..i always wonder who's car is i know,thanks alex of noriyaro..badly damage but this car "heart" is modded...and do check out its 19inch wheel hehe

i feel sad seeing it......huhuuhu
argh!!!!!!!!!even r32 4doors is left out as it is......oh japanese really dont know what they got over there.....

And why we call him the Wheel Fitment King??

a Quote from the Dorifto Demon "this low..maybe an inch lower..we'll see...."

Monday, March 23, 2009

the goreen sleeper...

nope im not talking about "selipar hijau" or anything that is funny here to talk about a dead stock looking green 120y belong to Pyan,from the outside look,there nothing interesting about this car aside from its rims and rolled arches....

brief story with pyan,we used to practice drift together at kemuning till he bang a concrete wall there,the car was badly damage,and he taken a time out from it...not long after that i crash my ke70..

the dragon sticker act as warning not to tailgate this goreen car too close..or u might get left out...hehehe...the rear light does resemble the legendary 240z rear light...maybe becoz its a Datsun..

a rare Datsun emblem,sitting proudly infront of the grill

its not that i dont want to take the whole picture of Pyan 120y but the phone/camera lighting suck big time

inside the bay,SR20DE Vtc...need i say more?hahahaha
ok!test drive time..
sitting in side the car,i feel really ackward as the gear lever position is at the back from the original place,located beside the handbrake..start the car,and shift to first gear,and release the clutch slowly,put a little gas to its move i notice that turning the steering is sooooo heavy,(Pyan told me about this earlier)maybe its becoz the camber and alignment setting..(but nevermind its okay when u reach a certain speed) i reach the junction to main,i started to flow the pedal to the metal....amizingly the rpm is kinda sluggist when its hit 2000rpm but as it moving i can really feel the sudden rush of the engine,damn!i reached the red line already,(Bare in mind that this is a N/A car,but i can feel like a little boost coming in)..compared to the Dori2 Ke70 Blacktop,im all out with this car as i am really confidence with the engine and its braking system,still i really have to becareful also as the diff is welded..the rear of the tend to slide most of the time im driving hehe...Joe Gaban who were sitting beside me also impressed with the power the engine make in a light weight body....the car is damn fast that i easily overtake a bmw z4 hahahaha......
i really have a good time testing this ride,overall its got a big potencial,need a little twicking here and there but even if u mod a 4age engine still cant compare to the power that came from a stock Sr20n/a hahahaha.....i like!!!!!!

Happy in Demon face...

As the weekend approached, is work as usual for our mr. Joe 40c a.k.a Dorifto Demon,here are the things that have been done this week,

Urethane steering biscuit...from drift house hehe

Thanks to Za,the coolent lines have been looped and the intake manifold installed

Dmax front bonnet is next in line..huhu suweet

side view...and most important of all,it fits nicely

the fuel tank was supposed to be install also,but inner part got a major rust,and need to be replaced..

finally,the man himself at work..he said it was a very productive weekend with a help from a cute friend...hmmm...most definitely not a cat from Jepp house i presumed Hahaahhahahahaha.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

in the Red!!

an 8minute documentary on Daigo Saito profile and career since his first debut in 2004 D1gp.(sadly no subs..tuan karim tolong translate kan hehe).featuring his RIP Jzx90 and the Ultimate Jzx100!! damn!!he has 3 Jzx100 at his home,two of them are used for drifting and another one for Daily... my favorite part is when he overtake Nomuken and claimed the D1gp 2008 champion tittle!!huhu see the huge different in power produced from 2Jz compared to Rb engine..

finally what can i say,i like JZX..from the 70 model till i have to acknowledge their icon as well

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Demon Update

got a MMS from Joe40c regarding his car update...this week he's done installing the lower arm,Apex N1 suspension,front rotor and brake,rear bumper & tail light,interior door panel and the wide body fenders (i forgot what bodykit its from...Uras kot)
side view..

10inch ssr vienna kriss sit a few inch outside from the fender,how wide do u need it?actually Joe40c still havent finish adjusting the camber and all...

"chick digs cars with white fender"hahaha
Joe40c tellin me how impress he is with the quality and the measurement of the wide fender considering its a copy after a copy from the original one...
huhu cant wait for the next update!stay tuned hehe

Blacktop Dori..

Last night,have a chance to test drive Dori-dori Autoparts KE70 with Blacktop 20valve...
overall the car have setting issue,coz i feel like my previous KE70 is way faster than this..ok blacktop is a high revving engine,how high supposed i rev it since the car only have speedometer..hahahaha im affraid by pushing too hard will result a hole in pocket(if u get what i mean) then i watch Epoi drive it,still didnt look fast enough...hmmm oh well maybe its just me....

Friday, March 13, 2009

a little bump on the way..

When i brought the Avs5,the only thing that run through my mind is can the rim clear the 4pot nissan brake???...if its not cleared,then i need to use spacer and if i used spacer then the lugs will be shorter and i need to mod the lugs and so many and after that...

obviously it can clear 4pot!!!ha ha ha

but then i discover that the front tyre are touching with the suspension,and there is no free play...

its green but its not tein...huih its kei office!!

Upon discussion with The Prez and The Wheel Fitment King is concluded that i need to buy a new tyre,becoz 235/45/17 is too damn big to be used on the front...215/45/17 it is then...but not now becoz i already pokai this month hahahaha..guess i have to keep the avs 5 i need to save my money again for something that is on its way..and no its not Tein hahahaha

*plz note that the fitment that i did in the picture its not from my car....then who does it belong to??when the time comes,i'll tell you hahahahaha

No cars here?..

view of section 8,and 9 shah alam from my workplace...on level 16..hint,the highest building in shah alam area and on top of a hill...

and what with the tittle...hmmm its becoz my only transportation here in s.alam is just my old trusty kapchai the 125z hehe

Rollin with Star shape...

Last week koopang told me a set of AVS model 5 from the seapark auto jzx80 is up for sale with a cheap price tag...

the rim spec is 17inch, width 8jj Front and 9jj Rear, offset +45,(yeah i know offset +45 is too FF and gay compare to Gtr offset which is +30 and below)
But here's the thing about about X80/81 that u might didnt know,unlike most Nissan cars,it can used this kinda offset,even with no help from spacer,the wheel fitment is gonna be just nice siting a line with the fender....u can say it have a fitment of a FF car (FF= Front engine,Front wheel) but so does Mazda Rx7 FC and FD hahaha

Model 5

come with a free gift 235 and 255 "Botak" Tyre......255!!! no wonder la the rear look really width the last time i look.....

Other than a little dent on the rear,and strach marking around all 4 rims,its all good!!

i got no time fitting the rims to Jyu as i need to get back to i just put on the side and snap picture

Lan helping me washed the rims and keep it at his place until i install it....

many many thanks to Koopang for telling and helping me about this deal, Joe 40c for lending me his wheel all this time,so i dont have to roll with the stock 15inch "besi" wheel and Lan for helping me with Jyu issue..hehehehe

History 101

pic thanks to kappa..

Takahiro Ueno JZZ30 Soarer & Daigo Saito Jzx100 side by side during D1gp 2008 round 3...i heard that the soarer is for sale,but at the price at almost or more than rm300k huhu

Sunday, March 8, 2009


video featuring these amazing Candy Apple Red Jzx100 chaser....this is one of the famous jzx100 in japan as several time featured in Doriten and other japanese car magazine...

1st video From 1jz Drift Meeting

it rain x100 hahahaha

2nd video SSRA event

and other video from youtube

2008 SSRA


1jz sounded really good!!!!then i say no to RB ahahaha..j/k only...happy viewing hehe

Crazy D Journey...

Today Lan, koopang and me decided to go to Bukit Jalil to watch Drift event there...Upon arrival at 5pm it was already ended....(WTF!!!)..then we bump into Nottyeddy,saying the guys (joe gaban,benz,bonox,may,+ abg jep,brenco,and mild blue cefiro owner) wanna go to play at Semenyih area,so what the heck,might as well join the fun...after picking up burn and bapak,were off....

the crazy monster "Benz"

stopped at the Petrol station for Asar prayers...Lan checking out May cefiro...

the pack convoying to an unknown territory....mild blue cefiro got rb25det inside with hi-cam..huhu the sound it produce its just lovely...but we wouldnt dare to stay close behind him,not becoz its too fast but becoz neither of its brake light is functioning

a quick stop at eddy parent house to drop off some stuff...the place is truly got the "kampung feels"..really remind me of my kampung..i manage to asked eddy where is the drifting spot...then to my surprise he told me that the plan was to go scouting out road for touge drifting...OoOoOo

next we journey to Broga,then Lengging to an old road that leads to Seremban,kinda an abandon road but still got few traffic..the road is kinda like the old Bukit Putus road,a mix of uphill and downhill with slope/cliff on the side and no guard rail...pretty scary huh....

touge dori began,gaban drifting away,follow closely by monster Benz

another stop at the end of downhill...

Benz rear tyre equipped with Mp3 hahahaha....

we hit another round to the hill...and the guys are pushing even faster,while im in a isuzu trooper "makan asap" and lost sight of them back at pekan lengging as they waited for zyfull...then i thought we are going back as the time was 6.40pm but there still one more place to check out,the hill side road to Klawang...big 2 lane road with less traffic (like karak highway)...Again, the trooper get left off....then a final stop on the side of the road,at 7.15pm..they decided to head back to Broga for a dinner at Abg Jep house... Lan,koopang,Burn,Bapak and me decided to part off from the group and head back home first...

damn....were at Jelebu N,sembilan already....if its wasnt for the stupid event at Bukit Jalil that ended too early,we wouldnt be here in the first place.....

reach KL around 9.00pm...grab a dinner and went straight home....

Overall it was an unexpected and a very very tiring journey..but there still a little of fun... 2 lesson that i learn from today experience is

1) if u gonna go touging with the guys dont drive an underpower car and become the support vehicle car least find a car that are able to match up with their speed so u dont get left out...

2) if its a long journey,and u plan to make it back on the same day,make sure tomorrow is a holiday becoz its really tiring hahahaha...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

faster than a speeding bullet

a group of U.K magazine journalist meet up with Smokey Nagata (Top Secret) in his home town,to see how fast his Top Secret R33 1200hp doing in the wangan..

see the video during 2:10 ......damn 328km/ shit hehe

The Cool Factor

1) 1jz From Jzx81 with Manual GearBox
2) IRS Subframe
3) 2 Way Lsd
4) 17inch Wheel 8jj/9jj minimum with GTR offset
5) Nissan 4pot Front & 2pot Rear
6) Rca
7) Jzx81 Front & Rear Facelift
8) Apexi Power Fc or Apexi Safc II
9) Apexi Rsm
10) Apexi Boost Meter EL Black Interface
11) Apexi Oil Press Meter
12) Oil Temp
13) Water Temp Meter
14) Gtr size Front Mount Intercooler
15) Big Win kit
16) 3 inch Exhaust system
17) Oil Cooler kit
18) Oil Catch Tank
19) Wastegate 38mm
20) Single Turbo Conversion
21) Vented hood
22) Blow Off
23) Boost Controller
24) Custom Roll Cage
25) 2 tone Paint Job
26) Full Bucket & Semi Bucket
27) 14inch Nardi Olskool Steering

Just reminder for myself..actually I keep the note in my wallet,only to find out that the ink is fading and the page are torn.. so what better place to put it then here in my blog hehe…its not final, maybe I’ll add more later when I can figure out what other things I want… Btw I already got 7 or 8 stuff from the list, so its around 20 more to go…dunno la when I can finally collect them all huhuhu..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

its maroon & its chaser...but its not naveen

pic taken by BlackHowling during a Toyota TT at shah alam last weekend...

At first glance it kinda look like Maroon X80 belong to Naveen,but obviously it isnt..hehe this car is actually a MarkII,but change its facelift to Chaser,check the triangle glass at the rear door hehe...oh this is one nice Red Super Advan wheel..... drools (hehe same pattern with my sm4) im really into 3 spoke wheel,even my motorcycle is using 3 spoke rims but its from Enkei kuikuikui

just for your information

Jzx81,Gx81 for MarkII is Frameless..

Jzx81,Gx81 and Lx80 for Chaser is Frameless..

Jzx81,Gx81 and Lx80 for Cresta is non-frameless but it didnt have the triangle glass..

Lx80 for Mark II is non-frameless and have the triangle glass..

as for all model of x90/x100 Mark II and Chaser are Frameless,and Cresta remain with non frameless and no triangle glass...


Chaser 4 sale

There are so many X8 series owners that i havent meet or known even down here in KL area,most are them are not a regular forummer at DCM and giler kuasa topic, making it harder to trace..

anyway this chaser is open for sale..a copy from zth..

Toyota Chaser, Fully Converted to 1JZ
Hi, Selling of my 1992 Toyota Chaser, fully converted to 1JZ engine.Rm 32,000 for whole car with grant. Comes with spare parts and accessories. Rear using Ohlins adjustables, front TIEN adjustables, font using Sumitomo 4 pot rotor and calipers.Please call David @ +6 019 726 1503

nice arch...seem to be an ori lx80 or gx81 chaser judging from the frameless door,and the owner claims it fully converted to it couldnt have been an ori jzX81...hehe

im also guesing this car came with a full bodykit..

1jz from jzx81 or jza70...

Front Tein adjustable,hehehe still waiting for mine....