Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chaser 4 sale

There are so many X8 series owners that i havent meet or known even down here in KL area,most are them are not a regular forummer at DCM and giler kuasa topic, making it harder to trace..

anyway this chaser is open for sale..a copy from zth..

Toyota Chaser, Fully Converted to 1JZ
Hi, Selling of my 1992 Toyota Chaser, fully converted to 1JZ engine.Rm 32,000 for whole car with grant. Comes with spare parts and accessories. Rear using Ohlins adjustables, front TIEN adjustables, font using Sumitomo 4 pot rotor and calipers.Please call David @ +6 019 726 1503

nice arch...seem to be an ori lx80 or gx81 chaser judging from the frameless door,and the owner claims it fully converted to 1Jz....so it couldnt have been an ori jzX81...hehe

im also guesing this car came with a full bodykit..

1jz from jzx81 or jza70...

Front Tein adjustable,hehehe still waiting for mine....

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