Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Cool Factor

1) 1jz From Jzx81 with Manual GearBox
2) IRS Subframe
3) 2 Way Lsd
4) 17inch Wheel 8jj/9jj minimum with GTR offset
5) Nissan 4pot Front & 2pot Rear
6) Rca
7) Jzx81 Front & Rear Facelift
8) Apexi Power Fc or Apexi Safc II
9) Apexi Rsm
10) Apexi Boost Meter EL Black Interface
11) Apexi Oil Press Meter
12) Oil Temp
13) Water Temp Meter
14) Gtr size Front Mount Intercooler
15) Big Win kit
16) 3 inch Exhaust system
17) Oil Cooler kit
18) Oil Catch Tank
19) Wastegate 38mm
20) Single Turbo Conversion
21) Vented hood
22) Blow Off
23) Boost Controller
24) Custom Roll Cage
25) 2 tone Paint Job
26) Full Bucket & Semi Bucket
27) 14inch Nardi Olskool Steering

Just reminder for myself..actually I keep the note in my wallet,only to find out that the ink is fading and the page are torn.. so what better place to put it then here in my blog hehe…its not final, maybe I’ll add more later when I can figure out what other things I want… Btw I already got 7 or 8 stuff from the list, so its around 20 more to go…dunno la when I can finally collect them all huhuhu..

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