Saturday, March 28, 2009

Demon Hole Jzx90!!

nope this not Dorifto Demons..the name is Luke a.k.a Geki Minihux from ....but one thing for sure, he does have the same ideology like our mr.40cent..

from this..

to this...

"Having zero respect for your car or its aero is a nice luxury in Japan." Luke

and this..


and especially this!!!

the Luke identity


he also quoted
"For anyone that has ever owned a stock turbo JZX you would know these things are not smoke machines which you see all plastered over the internet, they are heavy cars and the standard turbos blow ass and have zero power after 5000rpm. They need power and its something this car will get next year when the drifting season starts again, 500hp here i come!"

for more info about the car built up, spec and more picture

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