Sunday, March 15, 2009

Demon Update

got a MMS from Joe40c regarding his car update...this week he's done installing the lower arm,Apex N1 suspension,front rotor and brake,rear bumper & tail light,interior door panel and the wide body fenders (i forgot what bodykit its from...Uras kot)
side view..

10inch ssr vienna kriss sit a few inch outside from the fender,how wide do u need it?actually Joe40c still havent finish adjusting the camber and all...

"chick digs cars with white fender"hahaha
Joe40c tellin me how impress he is with the quality and the measurement of the wide fender considering its a copy after a copy from the original one...
huhu cant wait for the next update!stay tuned hehe

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Amar Gencos said...

Nanti kete joe dah siap, kasik ak snap ek!!?