Monday, March 23, 2009

the goreen sleeper...

nope im not talking about "selipar hijau" or anything that is funny here to talk about a dead stock looking green 120y belong to Pyan,from the outside look,there nothing interesting about this car aside from its rims and rolled arches....

brief story with pyan,we used to practice drift together at kemuning till he bang a concrete wall there,the car was badly damage,and he taken a time out from it...not long after that i crash my ke70..

the dragon sticker act as warning not to tailgate this goreen car too close..or u might get left out...hehehe...the rear light does resemble the legendary 240z rear light...maybe becoz its a Datsun..

a rare Datsun emblem,sitting proudly infront of the grill

its not that i dont want to take the whole picture of Pyan 120y but the phone/camera lighting suck big time

inside the bay,SR20DE Vtc...need i say more?hahahaha
ok!test drive time..
sitting in side the car,i feel really ackward as the gear lever position is at the back from the original place,located beside the handbrake..start the car,and shift to first gear,and release the clutch slowly,put a little gas to its move i notice that turning the steering is sooooo heavy,(Pyan told me about this earlier)maybe its becoz the camber and alignment setting..(but nevermind its okay when u reach a certain speed) i reach the junction to main,i started to flow the pedal to the metal....amizingly the rpm is kinda sluggist when its hit 2000rpm but as it moving i can really feel the sudden rush of the engine,damn!i reached the red line already,(Bare in mind that this is a N/A car,but i can feel like a little boost coming in)..compared to the Dori2 Ke70 Blacktop,im all out with this car as i am really confidence with the engine and its braking system,still i really have to becareful also as the diff is welded..the rear of the tend to slide most of the time im driving hehe...Joe Gaban who were sitting beside me also impressed with the power the engine make in a light weight body....the car is damn fast that i easily overtake a bmw z4 hahahaha......
i really have a good time testing this ride,overall its got a big potencial,need a little twicking here and there but even if u mod a 4age engine still cant compare to the power that came from a stock Sr20n/a hahahaha.....i like!!!!!!


Amar Gencos said...

ni owner same ngan KE merah Sr20 gak ek?

xendorsela kan kete ni?

singbluesiliver said...

owner lain-lain,tp semua kena racun dgn org yg sama....aku la post ni mmg buyers skit terhadap SR20de!!!