Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy in Demon face...

As the weekend approached, is work as usual for our mr. Joe 40c a.k.a Dorifto Demon,here are the things that have been done this week,

Urethane steering biscuit...from drift house hehe

Thanks to Za,the coolent lines have been looped and the intake manifold installed

Dmax front bonnet is next in line..huhu suweet

side view...and most important of all,it fits nicely

the fuel tank was supposed to be install also,but inner part got a major rust,and need to be replaced..

finally,the man himself at work..he said it was a very productive weekend with a help from a cute friend...hmmm...most definitely not a cat from Jepp house i presumed Hahaahhahahahaha.....


Amar Gencos said...

Damn.. Mesti ganas abes ni nnt.. Huish..

singbluesiliver said...

aku tolong gelak kan bagi pihak joe