Tuesday, March 3, 2009

its maroon & its chaser...but its not naveen

pic taken by BlackHowling during a Toyota TT at shah alam last weekend...

At first glance it kinda look like Maroon X80 belong to Naveen,but obviously it isnt..hehe this car is actually a MarkII,but change its facelift to Chaser,check the triangle glass at the rear door hehe...oh this is one nice Red Super Advan wheel..... drools (hehe same pattern with my sm4) im really into 3 spoke wheel,even my motorcycle is using 3 spoke rims but its from Enkei kuikuikui

just for your information

Jzx81,Gx81 for MarkII is Frameless..

Jzx81,Gx81 and Lx80 for Chaser is Frameless..

Jzx81,Gx81 and Lx80 for Cresta is non-frameless but it didnt have the triangle glass..

Lx80 for Mark II is non-frameless and have the triangle glass..

as for all model of x90/x100 Mark II and Chaser are Frameless,and Cresta remain with non frameless and no triangle glass...


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