Friday, March 13, 2009

a little bump on the way..

When i brought the Avs5,the only thing that run through my mind is can the rim clear the 4pot nissan brake???...if its not cleared,then i need to use spacer and if i used spacer then the lugs will be shorter and i need to mod the lugs and so many and after that...

obviously it can clear 4pot!!!ha ha ha

but then i discover that the front tyre are touching with the suspension,and there is no free play...

its green but its not tein...huih its kei office!!

Upon discussion with The Prez and The Wheel Fitment King is concluded that i need to buy a new tyre,becoz 235/45/17 is too damn big to be used on the front...215/45/17 it is then...but not now becoz i already pokai this month hahahaha..guess i have to keep the avs 5 i need to save my money again for something that is on its way..and no its not Tein hahahaha

*plz note that the fitment that i did in the picture its not from my car....then who does it belong to??when the time comes,i'll tell you hahahahaha

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