Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Super Angle Kit??

i was talking about this topic with Mcke70 (ipin) a few week before,when we checking out shit load of Doriten magazine at joe40c house..thinking of doing this to the MarkER,then i saw this pic of Driftworks project installing a washer to the steering rack between the tie rod,compare to what me and ipin have in mind,this is much more simpler and cost saving,but the thing is, it is install to ae86 and not X80..the result??we dont know,but i would love to give it a try,since the custom made RCA project that i did was a success..need to find time and more time hahaha

too lazy to upload the pic,check out the link here

Guess who's back?

its Bon Bon of Driftworks with R32 1jz powah...
so powderful that its broke its rear diff...damn...damn..damn...

Driftworks R32 Skyline 1JZGTE Absolutely Smashing from Driftworks Ltd on Vimeo.

Monday, April 27, 2009

to be or not to be?

U.S Serial Nine jzx81..

heard the new owner of this ride gonna make a debut of this ride in drift event..cant wait for that!

the colour scheme reminded me of another jzx81 in the kidsheart webpage hmmmmm

the question is should i maintain the stock look or go for big win??

The Fall of Sekia Hills...

sample pic

I received a kinda sad news from my resources in Japan,Kuntom said that Sekia Hills Circuit is going to be closed down permanently due the bankruptcy.. the last event is maybe on 3rd May 2009.. let just hope there is another Company willing to take over that place..


at Kem Bina At-Takwa Banting Selangor
May is coming,and im not gonna be around much during that month as i will be super busy with work...outstation at Sepang and Banting area most of the time..this meant less update on the blog and less time with Jyu..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

liking this view?

saturday 27 april 09 11.00 a.m
Location: Sungai Chua Kajang

an old companion..

Back in the year 2000,with the help from my dad,and a little saving,i bought my self a motorcycle,called Yamaha 125zR..now in 2009 it still with me and entering its 9 years..the same bike that have been taking me to school,the "rempit" days,the university and now as the main transportation for me to go to work and back..i have a lot memory with this old friend...due to its fuel inefficiency it sometime got me thinking of switching to another bike,like a Honda Ex5 or Yamaha 135LC..but having to travel from kajang to shah alam every weekend,i still need a motorcycle with a decent power..and so far its doesnt give me a major problem,so i guessing it gonna be with me for a kinda long time...even if the fuel consumption is like hell hahahaha...(imagine from kajang to shah alam cost me around rm9 full tank,one way journey,not including 2t)

last saturday,changing the gasket for block due to leaking...deng how i like 3 spoke wheel ha ha ha...its limited edition Enkei rim by Yamaha btw..market price range for this kinda rim is easily rm600 to rm1k hu hu hu..

it finally came down!

After almost 2 and a half year on the jackstand,joe40c 180 have landed on the ground again,

see no more jackstand hahaha

hu hu lucky number 180..

the 17inch bridgestone is now safely return to it place hehe

joe40c claimed it still not lowered enough..he need more!!

btw here the pic of installed half cage

for the next update,to be continued..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Okabe Jidousya!

Few Pic of Okabe at Kazama Auto Queen Battle at Nikko...

Ok-abe smoking..

proving that disablities will not stop him at all cause...respect!
the handbrake seem to be modified to suit okabe requirement
credit/sources: Dino Dalle Carbonne and Speedhunters

Monday, April 20, 2009

the return of superfly!

"the return of superfly" is a novel title for the based on true story movie "american gangster"..great movie,go watch it if you havent watch it....anyway moving on...

stated in the pinkslip and chasis code number "Jzx81"...the first original jzx i seen so far in malaysia...

frame......less hu hu hu hu

how super is Advan?

this is among the reason why i wanna sell the avs model 5,coz i got one of my fav rims now,the super advan!! when koopang first show me the link for yahoo auction the japanese fella wrote it was 8/9inch and offset is 30+ or something,suprising when it arrived 1month later,the rim is all rounder 9inch and offset 19+...hahahaha gtr offset!!!who said all japanese is clever hahahaha,but thanks to him,i got cheap hehe...

in front of home sweet home

same pattern with my sm4 but different size and spec...lol even my "kaphai" 125z is using 3 spoke wheel

the helping hand,thanks Lan and Ipin

yeah i know,the tyre is too big,this is how its look when u put 245/45/17 to a slammed car....and i also have to raise up the height a little bit due to the clearance...i got no choice since im broke again this month,so might as well use is coz 2pcs of the tyre stiil got 95 percent of tread and production year is 2008...but to hell with it!!super advan still look good on jyu hahahaha

this also mean i will be returning Joe 40c bridgestone rims...thanks again bro!

A Havoc TT?

its been a long time since i last attended Honda Accord Varient Owner Club TT a.k.a HAVOC session with my sm4,after countless sms i received inviting me to come hang out every weekend,i decided to show up this time since it was near to my house..alot of new faces and new rides still there are some familiar faces..Almost 20 rides from sm4 & sv4 (mostly equiped with vtec huhuh) show up that night and we all went to putrajaya for a quick drive and photoshoot.

PICC Brigde

i like this sm4 the most...jdm style all the way!

part of the family..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the Will to change's his mind?

From this

read the rest of the build here

to this

read the rest of the build here

A project by NIcad7 a.k.a Will who at first build a Jzx90 cresta for drifting purpose,after countless modification and time spend,he still havent got the result he expecting from the cresta and decided to swap the car with a Jzx81 Mark II...now Willy seem to be really happy with the descision he make...

what running to my head now, is Jzx81 better Jzx90 for drifting??hmmm,but at end its all come down to setup...


all hope is not lost...

it was kinda sad for me and probably most X8 fans over the world when Bon Bon decided to swap his chaser for a skyline and he is maybe the only hope of seeing Jzx81 perform in the International Drift scene..but there still a light at end of the tunnel as one japanese american fella decided to ditch his Jzx90 and make it into Formula D with a X83 cressida!!!wuhuu...
his name is Hiro Sumida of Team Driftpro,owner of several Jzx90 and Jzx83...Previously sponsored drifter (Team Falken with jzx90) turned privateer...
profile: http://www.driftpro.com/hiro_sumida-moonlight.html

Hiro..i assumed he is kinda a well known person,judging from his friend that he mention in his blog like Orido,Taniguchi,Koguchi and many other D1gp driver..

falken sponsored 90

Jzx83 cressida he using to compete in FD...2jz powah!!! but seriously his car need aerokit and slamming big time...

check out his Blog on his rebuild project and daily dairy at http://blog.driftpro.com/
a really interesting reading material,enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

AVS Model 5 for sale

from http://freedom-spec.blogspot.com/2009/03/rollin-with-star-shape.html
as mention

selling my rims,(need the money for something else...*hint nissan parts hehe)
5 lugs
front 17 x 8 offset 45
rear 17 x 9 offset 45
can clear 4pot
come with "so-so" tyre
little "bengkok" on one of the rear rim
RM2000 nego abit

plz call/sms me : 012-6680474 azrin

one "rentongs" 90

featuring one of Daigo Saito geng members...
p/s: for better quality watch it at youtube site..

beaten x90 with an insane entry speed!!

gangbang with Daigo Saito??

tein tein tein

it finally arrived safely,pick it up yesterday (sunday) from Kuntom's friend Zaim at Sg.Buloh...a many-many thanks to both of u bro!

havent un-wrapped it,overall still in a very "cun" condition

pardon the hand,swift spring,12kg for the front and 10kg for the rear

come with an adjustable rod,front 5lug knuckle,stock tein pillow ball and rear cusco top mount
i will install it after the second item arrived hehe...the JIC will be service and kept for emergency/spare use

the slammed Jyu!

hehe i agree with Yus 180sx campaign to slammed ur ride
from http://jdmblood.blogspot.com/2009_04_01_archive.html#8659029598702754393

people often asked why i like to take picture of my car during night time,its too dark and cant see clearly..
my answer is becoz it hide the ugly-ness,dirty,unwashed and the bad condition of the car hahaha..the other reason is thats the only time that im free when im back during the weekend...

here's the latest pic of Jyu during day time after i install the fake Gtr lips..

thanks to Ah lek for installing it (the same person who done my KE70 bodyworks)

yeah i know joe,the rims is nice hahahaha

the blue cup is to show how low my car is hehe...now imagine it with big win....hehe

cant help noticing that the paint started to chipped and the white colour are slowy turning to black...plus the "rust cancer" on some part of the body is rapidly increasing due to direct exposion to rain and sun...huhuhu thats not a good news is it...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

a Mar-Ser?

it maybe not as low as Frost green s14,but it still considered a slammed...and maybe one of the cleanest and almost perfect jxz i ever seen..if nissan got "skyfiro"..then toyota got "MarSer"(mark II + chaser) hhahahahahah

it was during 2008 Weld shoot out,were almost all of their customer and friend gathered for a photoshoot of their ride..
more pic here :- http://weld-jp.com/2008gallery/08_shootout/vol1.html

plz ignore the owner hahaha

chaser with front facelift of markII

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

stockpilling + no space = headache!

among the thing are stock x80 front hood,bumper,rear seat,a set of spare door,2 set of rims avs and "rim besi"..not including the stuff in in the trunk,a set of stock x80 suspension,2 set of front brake (jzx & x80) and many other small2 things.....plus some stuff in my room....

Rahim (Sei lok) was supposed to take some of the stuff away,but he still haven't got the time ....

My sister is getting married next month,and i need to clean up all this..although most of it is at Lan's house,i feel really bad dumping it at his place due to lack of space at my house area....will settle this matter a.s.a.p when i get back for the weekend...

BTW: i would like to take this oppurtunity to invite all my dear friends to My Sister Wedding on
2nd of May 2009 (Saturday)
Dewan Majlis Perbandaran Kajang (MPKJ) (infront of Kajang Stadium and Haji Samurai, Bangunan Dato Nazir)
12noon - 4pm
for more info plz call me : 012-6680474

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lips of a 32 Gtr......not!!!

due to a miss-communication, i ended up buying a fiber version of Gtr r32 lips...i was really expecting an original PU (Plastic Unit)....huhu...argh...dont wanna think about it... if its broken or break in two during my drive or hitting a road bump,i will be more satify rather than i dont install it at all...

i just cable tie it,for testing/viewing purpose...still need to modify it...
hmmm but it sure does change the way Jyu look now

A day at Mike..

went to Usj 1 with Koopang to meet up with Naveen, he's at the famous Mike Bodywork (lol....i dont Mike is an Indian fella,thought he was chinese or something...duh..) Either u want to roll an arch or even extreme makeover for ur ride,this is the place to go..

spotted a few interesting vehicle..

1jz inside a FD..

Joe han of Drift House V8 poward Cefiro is also here doin some bodywork

nice advan oni...btw noticed the engine positioning..quite high from the bay

a clean organized interior

more info about this insane project check out

and finally naveen's chaser

using hipposleek front bumper

Big Win side skrit and rear bumper..the rear bumper have to be mod,coz chaser plate number is at the bottom..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

safety first!

it was really unnecessary buy at this stage,only wanna take a look at it but since its in good condition and Yoshi selling it cheap,i simply cant resist...hehehe

Sparco 3 point safety belt...

close up,who care's if the belt and seat is same colour,as long as it look like new hahahaha

and a failed attempt to fill up aircond gas...new filter dryer needed and the rail need to be vacuum.will do it again in a couple of weeks..thanks to Lan

the thing that left me wondering....

this is what happen when Jyu is still not finished....my mind keep tellin me that would it be nice to owned a Jzx90 or R324 (Jzx100 is wayyyyyy outta my league)..hahahahaha back to the main problem money money money!!!