Monday, April 6, 2009

A day at Mike..

went to Usj 1 with Koopang to meet up with Naveen, he's at the famous Mike Bodywork (lol....i dont Mike is an Indian fella,thought he was chinese or something...duh..) Either u want to roll an arch or even extreme makeover for ur ride,this is the place to go..

spotted a few interesting vehicle..

1jz inside a FD..

Joe han of Drift House V8 poward Cefiro is also here doin some bodywork

nice advan oni...btw noticed the engine positioning..quite high from the bay

a clean organized interior

more info about this insane project check out

and finally naveen's chaser

using hipposleek front bumper

Big Win side skrit and rear bumper..the rear bumper have to be mod,coz chaser plate number is at the bottom..

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